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August 31, 2013

New wind armor item, the wind amulet

Hey jammers! Here's a new item:
Wind amulet, the previous item was the helment.

   What do you think? 

 Post in the comments below !

August 29, 2013

New videos I made!

Here are some new videos I made:

          Funny animal jam

Some other animal jam pictures

A chunk of updates, Wind armor, the map changed back to normal... school packs in Aj Outfitters..

  Animal jam has done some UpDaTeS and some very nice ones, lets go to them one by one:

Wind armor. Sold in the diamond shop.
Aaaand.... the map changed back to normal :) now we can see lands
that are soon to come!!!

School Packs
Why are they called "school packs?" they don't even have pencils...;etc 

August 26, 2013

Rare Item Monday: Rare nerd glasses

Aj's picture
Picture of them on me :)
 Ok, Lol. Here's todays Rare Item Monday, Rare nerd glasses
 I  like these :3

August 25, 2013

Gross Jammers: Why would they do this?

Two Jammers were sitting close to each other and saying:

"Are you single?" I think Infinity Magicclaw thought that black wolf was a boy.

  Here are their usernames:

Thank god that you can contact animal jam. I think I'll do that.

GEEZ. Animal Jam is a KIDS website. They can't go on  like this.

Wait... -Thinks-... Why the heart emotes.. Hmm.


Animal Jam Outfitters: Mega Plush Packs

Hey jammers!

My personal favorite is the bunny.
Artic wolf and snow leopard cards?
-Jumps with glee- No 10 diamonds?
                 You know, those Sidekix plush in Animal Jam Outfitters? Well, AJ has just said that they have made a plush pack of these................... the only time I've ever gotten anything from there is a Lion gift Certificate.

                       They've also added a makeover to AJ outfitters: Here's a couple of screen shots
Here is the header:

August 24, 2013

     149 pageviews? Thanks guys!

                   You can have a chance to meet me everyday online!


 Just Jam a gram me and say 'Animal jam rocks' and then I will jam a gram you back and enter you in the contest. The prize is a secret...... whoever wins will get sent the item or, when you and me are online we can trade for Non members.


August 23, 2013

Once again another Kimbara Outback item..

   They are doing a whole bunch of updates................ well here is today's item.

I think this is a good idea. Sad for nonmembers though.

                                            Comes in purple, green,red,yellow

August 21, 2013

New items at Outback Imports

     Emu egg, and the lantern. Which do you like?

August 19, 2013

Rare Item Monday-Rare bonnet

    Today's rare item monday is a Rare Bonnet.

   Notice how AJ uses a Artic Wolf Instead of just the plain old picture?


Here is a picture of me with the bonnet on.

August 16, 2013

Scammer alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hartbunny is a scammer. She goes to Jamma township and says: 

                                                " Best trade wins all of my animal's outfits" When she does this, all her animals have the same clothes on.

           Another scam I've seen her do is: "Send me Epic Wonders items for diamond shop items!"

                                When I was in Jamma Township I said: "Report Hartbunny!" She said 'I'll report you for reporting me!" I blocked and reported her.... sent her a Jam-a-gram that said You were scamming.
   Send epic wonders is a clear way of a scam. Aj won't suspend me because they look into the Chat bars,
    so be aware.

                               Block, and report her please!


Blech! Highheels?????????? Human like aj stuff >:I

Why? Some people like it but its just too

The worst aj has done...............

Uggh, again.. I don't really like this item..

    What do you think they'll come out with next???

August 14, 2013

Omg! New rares.....!

 Rare bow + rare lei + rare fox hat and green mech wings!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Ok, so I was at a trading party, and I gave some of my cruddy rares to this girl and I got all three rares...and, I won a fashion show like I always do (O_O) and got my mech wings, lol.

 XD I had a brown bow and I traded it.... rare bow make ir better



August 13, 2013

So, I'll be making a new animal jam channel on you tube soon. I hope you dudes watch my videos when they come out ^_^

 For new jammers )
Lol, XD 

That's my E-mail/ you tube picture. I have to ask my parents before I make
A you tube channel.... Uploading,etc..
  EDIT: I have no idea when I can, I asked my mom and she said no, once I tell her what I'm doin', it could help XD

August 12, 2013


 Hey jammers! Welcome to Aj cruise ship! Well...... its been opened early if you'd read  my blog test blog.

           I'll be posting all the latest news. Well, I have some gem codes already posted down.

             Hope you have a a great day!