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June 30, 2014

Rare Item Monday: Rare Freedom Ties

Hello Cruise Jammers! Today is Monday, it is good old Rare Item Monday again! Today's Rare Item is also freedom themed, and can be found on the 5th page of the Jam Mart Clothing Store for 550 gems.


Since I have limited time this post will be short & sweet. Have you completed YOUR collection of freedom day items? There are many items to be released at the Freedom Party, so watch out for them. Most jammers in Jamaa celebrate this holiday of the United State Of America's freedom by watching fireworks at the Freedom Party, and sharing a smile with friends! For jammers who don't celebrate the fourth of July, you can still hang out with your buddies and have a good time! Since I've got a few minutes before I say Jam On to all you jammers, check out the daily mystery!

It's that Elephant above the Temple of Trivia. I wonder what it means. Comment Time: What do you think this strange elephant means? Does it mean the Elephant Alpha discovered the Temple Of Trivia? Does it mean The Temple Of Zios was once home to elephants? What do YOU think?

And for a little something before we call it a night, check out this awesome blog I found on the web!

It's a blog called Your Guide to Animal Jam! I think all jammers should check it out. Be sure to leave a comment on their blog as it would be appreciated by the owners!
This blog has detailed posts, and a great header! I really do enjoy the less cluttered layout of their blog. 

That's All for today's short post!!

June 29, 2014

Freedom Fox Hats

Hey Jammers! Today's new item you can find in the fantastic Freedom Party Clothing Shop for quite a few gems- 1,250, that is! Get yours today and watch the beautiful show of fireworks at the Freedom Party!

This item makes me think, "Bravo, AJHQ!" Because this item is for all members near and far. Wear your fox hat and party in style! Maybe you could host a freedom party and party like there is no end in honor of the United State's Independence Day! Here is a quick Question to comment down below: What celebrations are you going to do for the 4th Of July if you live in the United States of America?  I know where I'm going! To my aunt's house! And as for some important updates you would might like to know information about: The hovering desks are only here for One Last Day, so be sure to get your hovering desk before they hover away! Most like AJHQ is going to design new versions of items and more so stay tuned for some updates on your favorite game! Also be sure to buy the Paw Rugs because they too are almost gone in Jam Mart Furniture!


Before we have a look at today's Daily Explorer post, I am going to be posting Jammer Shout-outs through out the week in honor of Jammers I think deserve a shout out. If you got nominated, then I will send you a jam a gram! Even if you don't get nominated, be sure to still act kind to jammers EVERYWHERE IN JAMAA.

Pandahearn, who is known as Snowypaw on Blogger, has helped A LOT with my blog, including posting, suggestions, and more! I am grateful for her help. The shout-out goes to you, Pandahearn ;)

Here is the day's DE Post! It, again is about the Freedom Party!

As they say, "Get ready to 'oo' and 'ahh'" at the freedom party, be sure to just do that and comment below what you think of the freedom party! 


Don't forget to enter your Jammer Snaps of all 27 animals by the end of the day!

Jam On!

June 26, 2014

This Thursday's Updates

Hey Jammers! Today is another one of the month's EPIC update times, on Thursdays! For starters, check out our first update, which tells about the cute little pet giraffes that you can find in the Diamond Shop for three diamonds, like all the other cutesy animals you can find in the pet shop there.

      Get your pets today for 3 diamonds! And on the second page, check out the Crystal Palace den! Which can be found in the Diamond Shop den shop for 7 diamonds, instead of 5.

And for a royal tour of this EPIC DEN, watch my video below!

And be sure to visit my den in AJ to see it completed and decorated!! Pick yours up today!.
And as for the next update, be sure to read the reminder that the Freedom Party is going on! Get your fireworks and new items while watching the SPECTACULAR show to celebrate Independence day for the USA. For a less great update, the lions are now endangered, so no one will be able to get one for 10 diamonds. Only members who bought one before they were endangered will be able to create new ones.

For the adventure update, check out the new HARD MODE of  Bubble Trouble, where you can get even COOLER prizes... and more gems! Who doesn't want gems! And the underwater adventure base camp can be reached from the left of Bahari Bay.

And for other great news, the RHINOS are gonna return soon! Check out this funny video and cross your fingers and hope that the rhinos return soon!

And be sure to enter the contest by June 30th through the Art Center. Also check the epic wonders sale!

          And as for some MORE cool updates, comments are now available on the Daily Explorer!                                                                                                                                                            

                                                      Let's check out the day's new items!

The straw hat can be found in Jam Mart Clothing for 450 Gems! Be a Farmer!

And this music can be found in the Diamond Shop music station for 1 diamond. Jam On!

June 23, 2014

Rare Freedom Swords

Hello Jammers! Today's RIM is the Rare Freedom Sword! These awesome multicolored swords can be brought on the 3rd page of Jam Mart Furniture!

This RIM is a great item to use if you want to make an outfit with all of the other freedom accessories,you can even make your own warrior animal! I would personally rate this rare a 4/5! Comment down below your rating out of 5 of this epic RIM! Meanwhile here is today's DE post!

Today's DE post talks about this weeks epic RIM the Rare Freedom Sword! The post even talks about when swords were first developed! There are now two new videos in the Sarepia Theater,so don't forget to check those out!

In other news,the Paw Rug sold in Jam Mart Furniture is leaving the stores in 10 days,and the Diamond Tiara sold in Epic Wonders is also leaving the stores so be sure to grab yours before they disappear!


If you want to see more clearance items then check out the Clearance Items blog by Clicking Here! That's about it for today's post! Jam On!

June 21, 2014

Haven't been posting in a couple of days

Hello Jammers you might wonder why I have not been able to post on AJCS over the course of the week. It is that I have been somewhat busy, and I have not gotten around to posting. I probably (sometimes) did not feel like posting, and other times I was on Animal Jam or Minecraft or Club Penguin. On Animal Jam, I was hanging out with buddies I normally don't see and Roleplaying a Kingdom where I was the Queen on AJ, which was really fun and SILLY XD . I haven't posted since Father's Day, June 15th. Hope everyone enjoyed that day with their fathers. So, primarily I am going to post all the items I missed Over the week. I hope you overall understand why I have been gone and I hope this never happens again so you all can read my posts and maybe we could swap blogs. No one really comments, and I am telling the truth, and like Snowypaw said (on Ask Londonpie) "I find it weird that a lot of people read your blog and half of them don't follow it." Which Is true because NO ONE Except my authors and a two friends of mine are Joined on to this blog. I would appreciate people's moral support and maybe they could comment, or maybe follow this blog. Okay, so here are the new items I missed over the week on this blog.

          The items above can be found in Jam Mart Furniture, the Summer Carnival, and Jam Mart Clothing.
                                                      And here we have one Diamond Shop item.


The Wolf Claw is for ALL PLAYERS and is kind of like the real claw machine, but with only wolves. Great idea AJHQ!

Also, before we end this Long-ish post, I want to inform you to vote on the poll which you will soon find on the right sidebar of this blog.

Happy Jamming- and get voting on the poll!

That's all!

June 15, 2014

Gazelle Horns & Games

Hey Jammers! Today's new item is the Gazelle horns which are a returning item from 250 gems and look pretty  cool on animals like foxes and Arctic Wolves. This item is a returning item, so watch out for more returning items in Jamaa. Maybe all the items you've ever dreamed of will return? The world of Jamaa may never know. Get your gazelles today. I believe there are some new colors so check those out too.


These epic Gazelle-ish items can help any jammer look stunning and cool. I wish they were Non-Member!

And we were wondering what AJ has next for sale........................
 Possibly Worn Blankets, or Top Hats, Maybe Mech Helmets?

Ok, while your thinking about the whole returning item thing, here is the day's daily explorer post.

The Spirit armor was a Monthly Member Gift in 2013 in April. Use this armor to protect you from the phantoms in adventures.

Be sure to pick up your armor in the Diamond Shop.

So, you've been wondering what the title "Games" means in the title. Well, I am going to show you  2 of the games like Animal Jam I play. 

Pet Pet Park:

This game is really fun :-) You get to adopt your very own pet pet and chat and walk around and dress your pet pet up. This game is fun if you want to make friends but watch out for the snobs. I am Skyhallow feel free to meet me at my house on weekends I don't really go on alot though.

Club Penguin:

Be a virtual penguin and explore lands and party. Meet new friends too :-) . This game is not a very good game if you can't pay for membership, so I suggest you save your money to get a membership at Club Penguin. Overall, it is a very fun and safe game to play. I am Homerkitty if you want to friend me.

Well that's it for today Jammers!

Jam On!

June 14, 2014

Soccer Ball Lions

Hello Jammers! Today's new item is the Soccer Ball Mask!

These colorful soccer balls can be brought in Jam Mart Clothing,in an array of 8 different colors!

Today's Daily Explorer Post!

Be sure to grab your Lion before they leave the diamond store! Remember you only have two weeks to purchase a Lion before they become endangered! Have you tried out the newest adventure Bubble Trouble? If you haven't then check out this awesome bubble trouble prize guide! (Credit to the animal jam spirit blog)

Be sure to head on over to the Conservation Museum and check out the new Printable Pages!

There are also two new videos in Brady's Theater and Tierney's Theater!

That wraps it up for today's post!

- Happy Jamming -

June 12, 2014

AJ Updates for June 12

Hey Jammers! Today there is some pretty awesome updates, because you all know it's Thursday! And for a spoiler before you read this post, a new Underwater Adventure has come.... and this time, it's for all members! (And did I mention this is the 120th issue?)                                    

And to start off here is the day's new item, in honor of the World Cup which was earlier today.  ( Go Brazil!)


Get yours in Jam Mart Furniture for 300 gems!

On The first page of the Newspaper.....

The Underwater Adventure!

Grab your buddies and go underwater for this quite fun underwater adventure, which is for all members! There are some pretty cool prizes too! Play solo or with your friends! So glad Animal Jam took their time to make this EPIC adventure ^_^ because it's for all players! Adventure forever, Jammers!

Page 2:

Updated Daily Spin!

I believe the Gift gives you a rare/special item, and the second diamond is a chance to win more diamonds! Log on daily to start winning those prizes!

Page 3:

More Colors!
AJ HQ has updated the game so now you can get MORE colors! The Baby Blue Color is still available, it's just a lighter version than the version AJHQ gives you on the color choices pad. I will post a how to video on how to get the color soon! Next let's be hoping they make more patterns!
Page 4:
Spirit Armor for sale in Diamond Shop...

This returning armor set is now at the Diamond Shop. Not to mention the other two new pieces, the tail armor and the amulet. Many members, such as me, got the armor piece for a Monthly Member gift in April 2013.

Page 5:

Flag Shop sale!

There is another sale in Jamaa going on at the Flag Shop, where everything is 50 percent off  in honor of the world cup! Get your favorite team's flag!

Page 6:

AJ Accessory Drawing Contest!

Submit your accessory ideas through Jammer Central or the Painting Activity. Good luck with AJ's contest!! It's been so long since they did one.

Page 7:

Printable Pages in the medical center!

Print worksheets and even a letter format you can send to people from The Medical Center.

Last But Not least, Page 8:

Lions are going to be endangered!
Lions are not a very popular AJ Animal. So sad to see them become endangered, just like pandas did. I have a lion... get your lions before it is June 26th!

That's all for today, Jammers!

Jam On and Play wild.