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March 31, 2014

Rare Item Monday- Rare Golden Headphones AND some AJ graphics!

Hello Jammers, it is Londonpie here. Today is Rare Item Monday, and as for the item, it is PRETTY cool. Rare Golden Headphones are for sale in Epic Wonders!  (Go to the bottom of the post for some Graphics!)

The raccoon looks like he is happily jamming to his favorite AJ tunes! 
In World War 2 headphones were used to communicate. It turns out they were first used in the military! (My grandfather was in the military.)

According to AJ:

The first headphones weren’t even headphones. They were a single piece simply called an earpiece. The earpiece was the only way to listen to electrical signals before amplifiers were made or what we call today, a stereo."

         Wow! Isn't it weird how things always seem to start out simple and then turn into something big.. EXTRAORDINARY?


Now, let's take a look at these graphics:

Just right click on any graphic to save them!

Jam On!

(Like the new signature?)

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