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June 8, 2014

Wall Ivy

Hey Jammers! Today's new item is in Tree Top gardens in Sarepeia Forest. It is a plant item you can hang on your wall. It's the Wall Ivy! These a pretty cheap items at a cost of 300 gems. They come in a variety of colors including:


                        White, Purple, Red, Yellow, Blue, Brown, Pink, and Green. Be sure to get yours today!

                                                                   Here is an update on the day's DE:


It's all about AJ projects. These little kids sure must of had fun making those. Though I wonder what "Fancy Meeting Ewe" Is..... maybe it's some weird name for a house. (You know, Mystery Manor, etc.) Because an Ewe is a female sheep, or there is the Ewe People... and a couple other places called "Ewe" Or it could be a  meeting place. 

And In other words for some more news, here is what I noticed today: 
An odd glitch!

I'm sitting on the wall in epic wonders. Here's a how to videos for you jammers looking to know how to do this glitch!

Go on you tube and watch this for instructions in the description.

And some funny videos of the day:

Jam On!


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