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Blogger Tips

Here are some tips to succeed with your blog:
  •  Have a image that will say "Hello" to your viewers as a gadget. Just click "Layout" and "Add a gadget" and keep scrolling until you see a Image sign. Click it and add a title, caption and image!
  • Good grammar, and spelling. For example, don't use txt language. Look up a word if you don't know how to spell it.
  • Have detailed, interesting posts if possible, because, you know, it makes the blog stand out, and trust me by doing that people will read your blog.
  • Personalize! Keep scrolling down this page until you see the links to add a special mouse, moving text and more to your blog. People WANT to know who you are, so just be yourself.
  • Have fun! AND don't ever give up! 


How to make a banner: 
Go to a website like once you get there pick your banner size, and add text and
special effects. 
Music for your blog: (scm music player.)
                        Falling Stars :D (The blog I got it from.)
      How to make a different cursor/ have sparkles float around when you click: to get a new mouse generated to your blog. to make sparkles float around when you move your mouse.

                      Get a chat box (no signing up)
         How to get a clock to tell time on your blog: tell time on your blog. (mine is CST time) it might show your time zone.
To add these:
Go to your blog's edit page click "Layout" then "add a gadget" and scroll down until you see "Html/Java script" and go to the website and copy and paste the HTML code to the box below the title. If on a 24 work website, click "Get Code" and do the same. Ta-da! Nice new things for your blog.

(As asked by Miss Webkinz) 
In order to add the widget where it shows the viewers currently on your blog, go to: 

Now, click which widget you would want to have on your blog. I suggest using the first one. Okay, now that you've done that, double click the code where it says "Copy this code to your site" and copy it, and after you've done that open a new tab and go to blogger and click on the layout. Now, click add a widget (it can be anywhere you want) and when the widget selection page pops up, choose the HTML/Javascript one and paste the code into the big box on that widget. Now, when you're done, click save, and it should be on your blog :D

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comment box below :)



  1. Yay!!!! Thanks so much for these!!! I'd looked FOREVER for how to add sparkles to your mouse, and now I finally found it!!! Yay!!!!

  2. I find it weird that many people read your blog and half of them don't follow it

    1. Alot of people probably are AJ-aged, which means they probably don't have any of the accounts available to follow my blog.

  3. Replies
    1. Go to:
      And select the widget you want to show on your blog. Each widget shows viewers, but I suggest the first widget, the classic one. Now, copy the code from the box that says "copy this code to your site" and open a new window and go to blogger and go to Layout and click add a widget (any place you want it to be) and when you get to the widget option page, click HTML/Javascript. Now, when it pops up with the box and the title, in the big box copy and paste the code from the Who's Amung Us website.
      Hope I helped :)


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