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May 28, 2014

Hats Galore and Flowers

Howdy Jammers! It's me! Been away for a while (Again.) I had no wifi so I couldn't post! Anyways, today's zany items come in threes! A selection of new hats and flower rugs for summer.

  The hats have silly names. The Pill Cap Hat, The Ten Gallon Hat, and a very odd looking patched up hat make up this array of hats.


I don't know why that hat is named the Ten Gallon Hat. That's a little odd to me. The patched up hat looks like it's been through alot, and I think if you want to be a hobo for Halloween gladly wear this hat. Whether it's a Old Grandmother, a Hobo, or a cowboy, these hats sure make it easier to find a costume to wear. (Or Pharrell Williams.) 

      These flower rugs are sure to brighten up any house with bright colors and pretty flowers.

                          Only if they said these rugs were scented. Only if. I would have bought this with no hesitation. If you could click it and smell the rug through the computer, that would be awesome! :D

                                                                      Daily Explorer:

                                                          AJ Jammer Art!


Congrats to all the winners! And be sure to submit your own summer art at Coral Canyons. And remember the summer solstice is June 21st at 5:51 CDT (Central Daylight time).

 Jam On and have a nice day!

              Yours Truly,

                            Londonpie AJ <3

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