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May 29, 2014

New Summer Updates

With summer and warm weather on the way, there's bound to be a lot of updates. For example, the Hyenas were mentioned in the last updates, and so was the Summer Carnival. And it looks like there's plenty in store in Animal Jam today. Now, with the last day of May being Saturday, it's obvious those updates were just merely begging to be made. 

               First off, let's start with a update everyone was looking forward to: The Hyenas.


Like most animals, these are in the Diamond Shop. And AJHQ adopts a hyena like they did with a giraffe! You can watch the video in the conversation museum, or watch it here! 

I think Hyenas are silly creatures and deserve to be protected ;) so while you're at it check out all the PAWsome facts about hyenas in the Conservation Museum today. (And be sure to save up those diamonds for a hyena!) 

Animal Jam Jump app on sale!

AJ Jump is now 99 cents for your device! Get your pet joey if you haven't already! This offer is a good offer and is only available for 2 days!

The Summer Carnival is on now!

My favorite time of time of the year apart from the Jamaalidays is the Summer Carnival! Earn gems to buy tickets, use your tickets to buy cool things, and play games. And to access the carnival look for a blue sign saying "Summer Carnival" and click on it for endless fun with your buddies all summer long.

The Cruise Ship Party!!!!!

AJCS's SECOND year! Ride the Animal Jam Cruise Ship Line, which is otherwise known as the Cruise Ship Party.

                                                             Bahari bargins sale

Everything you like underwater is now for sale! Save on your favorite underwater clothing items today.

Underwater Den portals and Non member Den portals!

Den portals and now be found in Jam Mart Furniture as well as Mystery Emporium. There is also one available in the Diamond Shop for ALL Jammers! If you thought that was cool, Ocean Den Portal are now available in Sunken Treasures.

Armor sets

Be sure to hurry and pick up your Phoenix Armor set soon because they are leaving the shops! And also watch out for the Spirit Armor set which is on it's way!

New Item:

This item is part of the odd rug collection in the Jam Mart Furniture store. Another great addition to any springy and nature like den.

That's all for today!

Ta Ta for now jammers!

Your friend.

Londonpie :)


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