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May 2, 2014

Updates on Friday....

Hello Jammers! One thing I noticed is how the updates are on Friday, not Thursday! And they are cool ones, too! I guess the graphic designer at AJHQ took a while to update.

                                 They made a update to The Daily Explorer, and changed the link!


It looks different! I think this is so cool. Click Here to get there. Though I liked the old "" URL, everything else looks clean and updated.
And  it looks like they just forgot to put up the Jamaa Journal yesterday.

But as for today's updates, it looks like one of them is Pet Cheetahs! If you could name it Cheetah Jr. and be a  cheetah looking like your pet cheetah and "talk" to your cheetah that would be silly.

And, it's finally summer time in Jamaa!

The Waterpark den and the Heatwave party are two new things AJ has made available again for us jammers who want to beat the heat. I can't wait for the Cruise Ship Party!

ANOTHER new Animal? Wow!

I Kind of solved the puzzle below and I think I messed up, but why don't you judge this evidence by yourself?

I, personally, think it's a Hyena or a wart hog. Anyways, did you know my Minecraft usernname is Hyenalover!? I don't know what it is, but eh.
New settings & den bells

The Den bell is a good feature to have if you are hosting a party and want to know if people are coming, and you can turn on the noise, and the switch world feature is good for anyone wanting to find their buddies online.

New Items:
These items are pretty sparkly!

Graham looks constipated and grumpy.

Oh, and by the way, the next week after this upcoming week I won't really be posting because in real life, I'm moving and I plan to help pack, and my family plans to move May 13th, so just a reminder. Anyways, on the bright side, summer brings a new blog theme, my birthday, and the blog's second anniversary! There will be a birthday party for me in July, so just watch out for fun!


  1. I thought that it was Neros turn to post

    1. She can do a post too, and if she can't post today she can do that tomorrow.

  2. Can you post on my blog just for today and tomorrow because I'm going away


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