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May 11, 2014

Grassy Green Couches and Bowler Hats

Hello Jammers! Today there is a new item that is very similar to the Grass Couch item from yesterday... and there is also a new clothing item which I couldn't post yesterday because I was too busy, the Bowler Hat. Let's take a look at these charming yet nature-like items for sale.

(Give credit to any images you use for your blog from my blog!)
                              This item looks like it could use less miracle grow on it so it doesn't blossom into bright pink and white flowers. Buy  yours at Treetop Gardens today!

                                                      And as for the Bowler Hat from yesterday...

........ it looks like the kind of hat you would wear to a important meeting. These are sold in Jam Mart Clothing for 550 gems.

Let's read the Daily Explorer post for today.

Looks like the HQ is giving us a jammer tip for the yearly Heat Wave Party! I wonder if the south was even hotter than 200 degrees. Take a look at the DE for any hints that the summer carnival is coming to town!! How exciting!

I found something a little bit weird and funny happen to me on google hangouts.

The never ending hangout call!

That's all for today! Happy Mother's Day!

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