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March 31, 2014

Rare Item Monday- Rare Golden Headphones AND some AJ graphics!

Hello Jammers, it is Londonpie here. Today is Rare Item Monday, and as for the item, it is PRETTY cool. Rare Golden Headphones are for sale in Epic Wonders!  (Go to the bottom of the post for some Graphics!)

The raccoon looks like he is happily jamming to his favorite AJ tunes! 
In World War 2 headphones were used to communicate. It turns out they were first used in the military! (My grandfather was in the military.)

According to AJ:

The first headphones weren’t even headphones. They were a single piece simply called an earpiece. The earpiece was the only way to listen to electrical signals before amplifiers were made or what we call today, a stereo."

         Wow! Isn't it weird how things always seem to start out simple and then turn into something big.. EXTRAORDINARY?


Now, let's take a look at these graphics:

Just right click on any graphic to save them!

Jam On!

(Like the new signature?)

March 30, 2014

Milkshake Hats & Great Nature Project

Hey Jammers! Today's new item is the Milkshake Hat! Sold in the April Fools Party!

Don't you think AJ are getting a bit OTT over the April Fools Items?

Today's Daily Explorer Post!

If you don't know about the Great Nature Project watch the video below!

This morning i had 3 diamonds and then i when i did the daily spin i landed on the diamond (for once) and earned 3 diamonds!

Recently so many Jammers are obsessed with rares!

Me and some other Jammers were trying to break the ice earlier!

And me and my friends started a Horse Herd/Clan! 

It was really fun! 

Today's Daily Mystery!

This Deer Symbol is in the Coral Canyons Pathway What does it mean? Why is it there?
Comment down below what you think!

That's about it for today!

Click Here to enter the contest!

First Ever Animal Jam Contest- Your favorite thing to do in Animal Jam- Enter now!!

Hey Jammers, it is Londonpie here. There is exciting news. There is a contest on this blog, the very first contest infact! I put it on my contest blog, you can  find the link on the right sidebar of my blog. (Or click here and go to the contests page by clicking the contests button on the right sidebar.) You can either email me  your Username, Favorite thing to do in Jamaa, and if you are a Non Member, OR you can comment below with all these. 

            Winner gets Rare leg armor!


And Non Member Winners get rare Freedom Mask!

So, everyone gets a good prize.

Jam on! Hope you are the winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The winner will be chose randomly.


- Londonpie

March 29, 2014

Fry Hat

Snowypaw here! I found today's new item! It is the Fry Hat! Located in the April Fools Party!

Today's Daily Explorer!

That's about it Jammers!

Random Graphics

Hey Jammers! Snowypaw here!
I can't find the new item for today!
But here are some random graphics!  

But here are some items i have noticed that are in clearance!

The Ice Garden and The Ice Throne both sold in Epic Wonders!

Here was yesterday's Daily Explorer

The Question is: Do All Sharks Eat Meat?

And here are some more clearance items in Jam Mart Clothing!

I will post  a new post with the new item and stuff!

That's about it for today Jammers!

March 28, 2014

April Fools Party Tour

Hey Jammers! Snowypaw here!
This is just a quick video tour of the April Fools Party!

Here are just some of the epic items they sell!

Don't you think they should sell more clothing items? And more Non-Member items?
They only sell two non-member items! 

That's it for today, Jammers!!!

Jam on!

Friday Pumpkins

Hi Jammers! Today's new item is in the April Fools Party, so I'll do something else instead. Have you ever heard of Friday Fun? It's something I do on AJP. It's where I tell you something to do and then you go do that in Jamaa Township. Here's #367:
Scream that everything is purple, impersonate a owl, and sing a song about Perry the Platypus. (I silenced Jamaa Township.)
I'm so weird. Anyway, for our update, there's a code THANKS to get this year's imprisoned phantoms. And here's a adventure prize:
I will give you all the prizes when I can. For now, adios!
P.S. I thought I'd share this picture of AJCS from Thanksgiving. Isn't that funny? The background mixed with the Popular Posts so it looks like the penguin's wearing the Rare Pumpkin Hat!

March 27, 2014

Treasure Maps & New Code

Hey Jammers! Today's new item is the Treasure Map! Sold in Sunken Treasures!

Today's Daily Explorer Post!

That news crew was all about Eagles!

Yesterday's Daily Explorer!

A new code for the Imprisoned Phantoms den item has come out again. Until now the older code was deleted! The New code is Thanks.

And it seems like the April Fools Party is up and running!

They have Cheeseburger hats!

I can't wait to see what crazy and cool items they have for sale! I will make a tour of the party as soon as I can get to it!

That's about it for today!

- Happy Jamming -

March 26, 2014

New item: Orb & Table (AAAAAND: Fun videos!)

Hey Jammers out there. Recently, there has been a new item that has hit the shops. It is called the Orb with Table. I like this item because you can invite your friends over and swap fortunes! (X3)

A good  price comes with this good item.

But don't hold back. Let all of us jammers be happy-go-lucky when it comes to AJCS. Because, well we are getting high traffic! Almost 3,000 views and counting! Let's see if we can get there by Friday! Sounds like everyone is up to the challenge!
And, by the way, why don't you grab some popcorn and watch these fun videos!

P.S.: Use the code THANKS for imprisoned phantoms!

March 25, 2014

Huh? Animal Jam is offline. OH MAh GeRd!

Hey all you jammers! Oh my GERD, AJ is offline! Wow. They are making room for New Animals & New Jammers, as it says on their blog.

A new look of the "Animal Jam is Offline!" sign. *Sniffle*. Yup, all you jammers (INCLUDING ME) are stuck away from Jamaa for, like an hour or so. I am going to be pretty busy today but I will bring you the scoop on AJ when it gets back online. And it looks like Liza ain't too happy about it either. (XDDDD).

Do you like the new blog music!? If you want it for your blog, go to "Blogger Tips" and click on the link to SCM music player.

~ Londonpie

March 24, 2014

Rare Item Monday- Rare Icy Shark Fin

Hey jammers, it's londonpie here! Today is Monday and there is a RIM item that can be worn by ALL jammers, the RARE ICY SHARK FIN! Be a land-shark and maybe play Shark Tag. While being Non-member, this item at 450 gems is gem-friendly.
It just makes me think of last
week's updates. They showed a picture of this Shark Fin. Who knew that AJ shows it's RIM's before hand?

 AHA! And those glasses..

Random Fact: In December 17th of  1903, the Wright Brothers flew the first  flight with their plane.
Jam on and Happy Jamming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!