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March 20, 2014

Jamaa's Updates!

Today, there are some updates in Jamaa. First of all, a new adventure has arrived:

This adventure has ALOT of bugs. Look at the photos below:

Where am I?

Phantoms don't give me 0 hearts?

And, I couldn't even click boom seeds. It would keep on lagging, and it would repeat things I said with chat.

                                                                      Endangered Pandas! They have left:

I hope rhinos & giraffes come back! Sadly, in real life pandas are actually endangered.

                                                                          April Fool's Party!

I LOOOVEEE this party! It has a room for every holiday basically. And, some spins on items!
                                                                         Cool videos:
The AJHQ in the wild video is SOOOOO cool. I tried to watch Modern Major Kangaroo video on the Daily Explorer, but it is private. Here are the videos:




Jam On!

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