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February 26, 2014

2 New Lucky Day clothing items: Emerald Ring, and Shamrock Glasses

Yay! It's soon to be St. Patrick's day when animal jam has green and festive fun items. 
Cool shades of swag!! They aren't connected..


Sold in epic wonders for 1,000 BUCKS!!

Jam On!! See you in a while, croc... JAMMERS!!


February 24, 2014

Rare Item Monday & eagle stuff.. PLUSSS A GLITCH THAT IS WEIRD

Hey Jammers! Steam Punk goggles, there we have it! That's today's RIM.


Maybe if you want to look like a character from Harry Potter called Mad Eye Moody.

Here's a picture O.o

 Oops I spelled "Monocle" wrong.. my bad!
The Eagle Secrets... Not so secret anymore!!!

Eagles can go anywhere, fly up and down and etc, etc. 
Take a look at the places eagles can go!!

In zios, eagles can see the giant elephant of awesomeness.

A island in the Adventure Base Camp.... a new adventure coming soon!! Eagles can't do adventures, sadly.

Eagles in the photo booth!! Might make this my profile picture :)

AHHHH!! It's a black hole of nothing!! A black hole in the paradise party, AHEM, it's just a error from aj. 

Swoopy eagle. The new game which can be found in Coral Canyons, Zios, The Forest, Sol Arcade, and some dens.

And a video showing me getting a eagle, and some eagle moves!

 Full Screen, Jammers... yep.

Weird glitch: Underwater pet on land?

My jelly fish is in Crystal Sands. On LAND. (Rhymes, a bit, huh) This seems to only work for penguins and seals. LAND and UNDERWATER animals.

Jam On!! Don't copy the photos. Be a jammer, jammers ;)
See ya next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 20, 2014

Today's AMAAAZING Updates!!

Hello Jammers! Oh yeah!!! It's Thursday and there are OVER THE TOP AND AWESOME updates. Better than the last time I did a post on updates.

Eagles are FINALLY here! But I'm sad they are in the Diamond Shop. Fly above Jamaa with a eagle :D
                                               Pet Tigers and Undiscovered Land:
Pet tigers have returned! Undiscovered land is going to be discovered!
                                                            Swoopy Eagle, a New Game:
It is REALLY, Really hard. They sell the machine at the Diamond Shop.
                                                      Extra Diamonds:
They sell diamond gift certificates at AJ Outfitters... AND, all 6 month and 12 month memberships get diamonds. Cool, Huh?

                                                                            New Exhibit on Flying Animals:
Ooo, learn about flying animals....

                                                            I Spy a Eagle!:

Too bad I only have 3 diamonds :(

                                                          Returning Rares in the Diamond Shop:

Lucky Day items!! Some of these cool items include a Rain Cloud, A Snow Cloud, A Hot Cocoa Machine, A Dragon Glove. All of them are returning rares...

                                                                                  Jam On! Let's see if I'll get a Eagle..

February 17, 2014

Rare Item Monday and... umm.... a... Cherry Tree.

Yeah, yeah, it's Monday (RIM!) , but on Monday, do you ever think what the new item could be? It could be a beta, or anything else. But for today's RIM, it's a Hair Wig. The  usual normal item with a rare version. OH MAH GERD >.> 

                              Here's the picture. A REALLY WEIRD ONE.. WARNING. 

Look at the eyes... and the facial hair. HER HER. A weird combo, if I say so myself.

                                            The new item, a cherry tree. (Tiny cherries)

Tiny wittle cwerries :3
P.S.- Who's like to be a author? Neros1234 or anyone who has experience on animal jam. Could use a helping hand here, eh? Even though I update everyday.

February 16, 2014

New returning item: OLD GRANDPA WEIRD HAT (Hat and Curly Wig) XD

Heeeello Jammers of the AWESOME AJCS. Today's returning item is a Curly Wig.  Today it's Sunday and the new Mom Vs. Kid came out along with a preview of my blog I put on my You Tube.
Thomas Jefferson's GENUINE wig. 

                                   My Videos :D

 Blog Preview

 Mom Vs. Kid

Full screen for a better look. Jam On and be a Jammer and NOT a scammer. 

February 15, 2014

New Item: Curly Wig XD

Hello's brand new returning item is a Curly Wig. Go on Comics and Funny pics to see some memes....
Pilgrims would wear this O.o

Jam On!!

           Noticed the falling stars? :D

February 14, 2014

Be best buddies with the new friendship necklace!

Happy Valentine's day jammers!! I hope you like the new style of blog... I wanted to re-decorate. But, have you heard about the Friendship Necklace? Wear one half and give the other half to your bff. EMAHERGED

Jam On!! 

"Dark Horse" Ajmv Katy Perry

 Yay :) new ajmv

February 12, 2014

FGAL12... the new Fman?

Hey jammers. Bad news. Fman is BAAAAAAAAAAACK. He sent me a gift. I don't know about him being the real fman, but he sure does look like him.


O.o I reported her for his bad username. We all know what "f" means...

                                             Maybe he knows about my blog and is trying to H.A.C.K me because I'm rare. -./) facepalm SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT FGAL12. I might be the first...


February 10, 2014

Rare Item Monday: Rare friendship bracelet

Hey jammers! Today's fabulous RIM is a friendship bracelet.

Aj seems to go GIFs for their photos now.

 How do you like my new profile photo? :)

My new profile.


February 8, 2014

Updates!~ THE NEW ANIMAL IS A EAGLE :D (Oh yeah sorry for this being late.)

Hey Jammers!!! I MADE THE UPDATES LAAAATTEEEEE!! XD :) I had choir practice AND I was watching the Olympics. Hey, isn't it nice to spend time with family? Here are some PAWsome updates.

                                                           The Sunken Ship for all jammers

Yay!!! Any jammer can have 2 awesome dens to decorate!

                                                                       Underwater den items for everyone        
THANK YOU!! AJ has finally done a  NM underwater den.

                                                                               New Animal is....
I think they should make a special tree top area for birds. (except for penguin.)

                                                                          Welcome to Jamaa... in a whole new way

It's the Blue Heron. New jammers can buy new clothes too. 

                                                                              New ad!!! OMG
WHY do they have to make the animals have swords and clubs? (Panda)

                                                                New stuff

New clothes items

Garland made of sweet roses
                                         Underwater den items:

           Heart rug, and Pink Treasure

(couldn't get a picture it glitches)

  Jam On


February 4, 2014

New Item... Princess Chair ;-; (also see mai new video)

Today's new item is a princess chair. Well, returned you could say. XD


Royal Princess people would LOVVEVEEE this.

                                   I guess its a queen's chair... :P

Mom Vs. Kid XD If u want to see my channel trailer visit my you tube channel.
Look at mai new video!
Jam ON

February 3, 2014

Rare Item Monday: Flower Hat

Hello Jammers! Today's RIM is a flower hat.

Oooo pretty  flower hat for spring

Jam ON!

February 2, 2014

Next music video... what song should I do?

I have been thinking of doing "Dark Horse" or "Roar", "Fearless", "Fifteen", "You belong with me", "Don't stop the party" or something like that. XD

                                            What do u suggest?

Comment below and I will take your suggestions.

February 1, 2014

Returning item: Heart Locket

Hey jammers near & far! Here is a returning item. A heart locket!

Great gift to send to your pals for valentine's day

See ya later jammers!