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February 20, 2014

Today's AMAAAZING Updates!!

Hello Jammers! Oh yeah!!! It's Thursday and there are OVER THE TOP AND AWESOME updates. Better than the last time I did a post on updates.

Eagles are FINALLY here! But I'm sad they are in the Diamond Shop. Fly above Jamaa with a eagle :D
                                               Pet Tigers and Undiscovered Land:
Pet tigers have returned! Undiscovered land is going to be discovered!
                                                            Swoopy Eagle, a New Game:
It is REALLY, Really hard. They sell the machine at the Diamond Shop.
                                                      Extra Diamonds:
They sell diamond gift certificates at AJ Outfitters... AND, all 6 month and 12 month memberships get diamonds. Cool, Huh?

                                                                            New Exhibit on Flying Animals:
Ooo, learn about flying animals....

                                                            I Spy a Eagle!:

Too bad I only have 3 diamonds :(

                                                          Returning Rares in the Diamond Shop:

Lucky Day items!! Some of these cool items include a Rain Cloud, A Snow Cloud, A Hot Cocoa Machine, A Dragon Glove. All of them are returning rares...

                                                                                  Jam On! Let's see if I'll get a Eagle..

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