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        Other blogs.... If you want me to post your blog, please say so in a comment!
                            Animal jam nox

                              Animal jam spirit blog

                                 Aj all the way

                                     Aj cookiez

                                 AJ Explorer Lodge

                                    AJ daily news
                                Animal jam explorer club
                                   Animal Jam Roar 

                                     Animal Jam Active
                                           Aj potato
                                      AJ Cool Jammers

                                  Your Guide to Animal Jam

                                        AJ Sunshine Blog 

                                           Troop Talkers

                                               Singer911 AJ
   (Please add my blog to yours if you have a "Other Blogs" page. I'd appreciate it, but you don't have to.) I visit every blog and I might feature your blog on my blog if you are lucky. I feature less well known blogs so they can get more viewers.



  1. Could you add mine?

  2. Oo! Oo! Please add mine!! I added yours to my "My FAVORITE Blogs!!" page!!

  3. Can you add my blog the Animal Jam Explorer Lodge link:

  4. Hello! Can you please add my blog?

    Be sure to check it out!

  5. Could you add my blog also could you add a blog im taking care of

  6. We added your blog :) Could you add ours? URL:

  7. Can you add mine? I'll add yours too!


  8. I adde yours can you add mine ? :3 thanks

  9. Hey can u add my blog the animal jam genius and btw my cousins r footballrocks222 and singingrocks89

  10. Can you add my blog? It's Animal Jam Happenings (

    I'll add yours when I get the time :D


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