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November 29, 2015

A secret den?.... AJ News Flash

Hey guys! I am on thanksgiving break because I live in United States. It is now Sunday and it is over tomorrow :(

Anyway, AJ posted a new blog post about winning 5 diamonds from an epic den. That may sound normal, but the picture on top of the post showed an unreleased den.
This den is probably one of the most cool looking.. in my opinion. I assume it will come out when AJ updates again. Christmas stuff is also making a comeback, so this is probably part of AJ's 'holiday update'.

The Arctic Fox has been released as well ^.^

They are so cute :3

I know this is a short post, but this has just been a News Flash. This is Londonpie reporting with the the Animal Jam Cruise Ship....

Don't forget to Jam On!!

July 5, 2015

The day after Independence Day!

Hey Jammers! I made my promise posting TWICE  today, and I am! First off, the reason for the title is not only that yesterday was American Independence Day, and well, I happen to live in America, and that was a celebration for me! All I saw was a firework show, nothing big. Apart from yesterday, today there is a loose amount of updates that I couldn't come up with a specific title for, as Animal Jam has failed to release any items at all in Jam Mart Clothing/Furniture.
            The first update is the addition of the Llamas, a week ago.

Unfortunately, I am suspended until (hopefully) tomorrow, so I can not get one :( 
Plus, I don't have 10 diamonds, I have 8! When I get 10, I believe I will name my llama Fauna Clevergirl. *sigh* I got suspended from a false report :\

The second update is about a new store, releasing Topiary bushes  in Sarepia Forest! Yay! I thought they were gone for good when they left the Museum Shop in Appondale.

I wish there was one for Non Members, because I could buy it on my backup account! (The one I have been using the past few days.) I think they should start adding the newer Animals.

And last but not least, sold in Epic Wonders..........

The majestic RUBY BIRTHSTONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Geez, that's expensive. I could afford it on my main, but still, that's expensive. I need to get one because my birthday is in July....

Well, anyway, have some great Jamming this evening, and remember to JAM ON! See you next time :)

(Also- any fans wanting to buddy me may do so, and feel free to send in questions by Jam a Gram, on my ask page, or ask me to meet you somewhere in Jamaa and we can chat!)

Animal Jam Blogging.

It seems like EVERYBODY's starting to loose interest in AJ blogging...
My friend Snowypaw,
My friend Mimi5000,
and me.
But I'm coming back. So is my friend Mimi, she came back with Animal Jam Newspaper. I certainly recommend it, check it out here.
I would like it if Snowy made a return on her blog (posted more often), the Animal Jam Frost.*(I keep linking blogs so I can help my friends). If you could give her a kind word of encouragement, that would mean a lot! Give her a comment, promote her blog, or follow her on social media! (links on her blog). I've been starting to play Animal Jam more recently, if you may have noticed. The only problem is that I am suspended until Tuesday or Monday... so I am playing on my backup, LondonpieBackup.
As for me, I am making another post today, and possibly a new video  on my channel! Except my editor expired.........  if you want my youtube expect less before my birthday on July 22 (I am getting a new Laptop).

If you live in the U.S, hope you had a great fourth of July yesterday!!

Jam On!

(thanks for OVER 9,000 VIEWS)

May 3, 2015

Posts from the dead

I just want to say, I feel absolutely TERRIBLE. I have a cold and it is getting a bit bad :(
So, I decided to post today. Sorry guys- I have mostly given up on this blog. Plenty of cool new things are  going on in my life. I wish I could share em' all with you guys. I have hope in any fans who have stayed here. :)
Just know that you're never alone. When I don't get on to posting, I check the blog, update it, and try to at least put effort  into a post...which no matter how much effort I put into posting...  it doesn't work out. Partly is because of my addiction to MovieStarPlanet and school. I try to stop playing MSP, but it is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun :) And addicting :\

Jam On!

March 19, 2015

Bouncy Party and also FIVE NIGHTS AT GILBERT'S

Hi it's neros1234, back for another post! Sup! Um and today I will be showing a video:
SIR GILBERT=FREDDY! Okay, now it's time for Animal Jam stuff. Have you been to the new Bouncy Party?
 It's really cool!! There are bounce houses all over the place. Also slides!

It's so cool!!! They finally have a party where all you do is bounce. Here's one of the green bounce houses:
OH YEAH! LEET SKILLS! (you actually don't have to do anything to bounce :D) Also- Your PET can bounce!!
Yep! That's right, ladies and gentlemen! For a limited time only you can get the all new, patent-pending JUMPING DUCK! It's your very own deluxe yellow-and-blue duck that will bounce! And bounce! And that's about it! Get yours TODAY!

Well that was exciting! Anyway, I'm gonna go now. Peace out!

February 23, 2015

Lucky day items, Rare Hat and Curly Wigs, and more!

Hi jammers! Londonpie here! And today I bring you a new post about many things including Jamaa's RIM, which is the Rare Curly Wig. I also met a fan of mine, who had a very interesting question about a retired item from the diamond shop. And as for new items, Lucky Day items have just started to be released in Jam Mart Clothing and Jam Mart Furniture. To begin, here's the Rare Hat and Curly Wig. (not to be confused with the ultra-fancy-super-duper-girly wig in Jam Mart Clothing!)

This item is sold for 750 gems, and compared to the basic NM version, this item is a lot more expensive, and obviously for members. 
And, now for an amazing look by the fabulous Arctic wolf, Juniper...

Crowds are SHOCKED at how fabulous this dog is! Fans are screaming at her so they can get an autograph!

Erm, now for the Lucky Day items & a short summary of Jamma's updates.

The clover blanket, and clover tie are the newest items in Jamma's clothing store. Also, the lucky bench is the newest furniture item! In Jamaa, the newest update is the pet ponies. 
They are so cute ^.^ I only have 1 diamond, though.
Also, you might want to get yourself a snow leopard before they leave on March 5th! Which is pretty close!

Now, for a special fan named Wolfiegirl57944 ....

She asks: What are the rarity of Wind Gauntlets? 

Let's find out below!

I'd have to say, I think Wind Gauntlets are worth about another piece of the wind armor, another retired Diamond Shop clothing item (non rare spike, non rare wrist etc...) or some small rares such as older Rare Item Mondays, fox hats, rare bows, etc. It really all depends on the person you send the trade to. Hope I helped Wolfiegirl! If anybody else has an AJ question, Jam a Gram me :)

January 25, 2015

A lot of stuff I need to go over

Hey everyjammer! It's me Londonpie here again, for one of those posts... yes... another explanation post. I really need to talk about this, and I hope everybody takes this seriously. It's important information you might want to know about. Just going to put it out there for everyone. Every paragraph will be titled. So, first off...

           Why I haven't been posting and schedules for authors

 Yes, yes, yes... it's always the same story. "I'm busy" etc. But the truth is just that. There's more to it though. I have been playing a game recently called Moviestarplanet, you may have heard of it. It's sort of like Animal Jam, but you have a human character and you can do other things on it. I have to admit, it's VERY addicting but also fun. My username is Girl in the white gown. Here's my profile
My MSP character.

Also, I was wondering if any of the blog authors/readers on here play it. If you do, comment your name below. Alright, for the schedule I really haven't worked one out, so it depends. If I am not posting on a day you are available, go ahead and post. I might be hosting a competition for people to enter and MAYBE become an author here on AJCS. The blog post about this competition will be found on my competition blog, which the link can be found on the right hand side of this blog.

                             Animal Jam and other pointers

     Animal Jam has been VERY VERY laggy for me, since I usually play it in Fire Fox. I have now fixed my problem by clearing my cache and can play it in Chrome... but it still sometimes gets laggy. As you may have noticed, there has been a lack of AJ posts- and this is the first one in a while. I will try to post more often but that may or may not happen. Now, as you know, I have missed quite a lot in Jamaa and everything below will be about AJ.

                                           New items for the up coming friendship festival:


The only new item that is not returning is the rose tiara. Grab your buddies and head to the party! I also would like to mention the new animals coming soon:

Owls! The puzzle in the last Jamaa journal revealed that owls would soon be coming to Jamaa.

I hope you enjoy my return, and feel free to hit up some questions in the comments! C:

(P.S- Be sure to check out the page view count on the sidebar of the blog -10,000! - and use the cool new JAGs in Jamaa to message your friends!)