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March 19, 2015

Bouncy Party and also FIVE NIGHTS AT GILBERT'S

Hi it's neros1234, back for another post! Sup! Um and today I will be showing a video:
SIR GILBERT=FREDDY! Okay, now it's time for Animal Jam stuff. Have you been to the new Bouncy Party?
 It's really cool!! There are bounce houses all over the place. Also slides!

It's so cool!!! They finally have a party where all you do is bounce. Here's one of the green bounce houses:
OH YEAH! LEET SKILLS! (you actually don't have to do anything to bounce :D) Also- Your PET can bounce!!
Yep! That's right, ladies and gentlemen! For a limited time only you can get the all new, patent-pending JUMPING DUCK! It's your very own deluxe yellow-and-blue duck that will bounce! And bounce! And that's about it! Get yours TODAY!

Well that was exciting! Anyway, I'm gonna go now. Peace out!

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