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January 25, 2015

A lot of stuff I need to go over

Hey everyjammer! It's me Londonpie here again, for one of those posts... yes... another explanation post. I really need to talk about this, and I hope everybody takes this seriously. It's important information you might want to know about. Just going to put it out there for everyone. Every paragraph will be titled. So, first off...

           Why I haven't been posting and schedules for authors

 Yes, yes, yes... it's always the same story. "I'm busy" etc. But the truth is just that. There's more to it though. I have been playing a game recently called Moviestarplanet, you may have heard of it. It's sort of like Animal Jam, but you have a human character and you can do other things on it. I have to admit, it's VERY addicting but also fun. My username is Girl in the white gown. Here's my profile
My MSP character.

Also, I was wondering if any of the blog authors/readers on here play it. If you do, comment your name below. Alright, for the schedule I really haven't worked one out, so it depends. If I am not posting on a day you are available, go ahead and post. I might be hosting a competition for people to enter and MAYBE become an author here on AJCS. The blog post about this competition will be found on my competition blog, which the link can be found on the right hand side of this blog.

                             Animal Jam and other pointers

     Animal Jam has been VERY VERY laggy for me, since I usually play it in Fire Fox. I have now fixed my problem by clearing my cache and can play it in Chrome... but it still sometimes gets laggy. As you may have noticed, there has been a lack of AJ posts- and this is the first one in a while. I will try to post more often but that may or may not happen. Now, as you know, I have missed quite a lot in Jamaa and everything below will be about AJ.

                                           New items for the up coming friendship festival:


The only new item that is not returning is the rose tiara. Grab your buddies and head to the party! I also would like to mention the new animals coming soon:

Owls! The puzzle in the last Jamaa journal revealed that owls would soon be coming to Jamaa.

I hope you enjoy my return, and feel free to hit up some questions in the comments! C:

(P.S- Be sure to check out the page view count on the sidebar of the blog -10,000! - and use the cool new JAGs in Jamaa to message your friends!)