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July 23, 2014

Beta Party and A new Animal

Hey Jammers! Yesterday was my birthday and me and my parents (I do not have sisters and brothers) had a lot of fun at the Art Museum. The best part was seeing the SAMURAI. Which I enjoyed because of some of the crazy masks. They put beards and moustaches on Samurai masks. And, not all of them were used in battle. We even saw the crazy horse armor they put on their horses on display. Mostly all of their armor had Buddhist influences, such as various gods and even a helmet with a wooden hawk feather coming off the back. I wish I could share pictures of the museum with you all... but they would not show my face. So I had a great time yesterday. Infact, I got the Animal jam guide yesterday on the day it released. I think so because I live close to the Amazon distribution center. Now, let's get to the day's Animal Jam Updates in Jamaa. First off are the little rhino pets which are found in the diamond shop. I think they look a little different then the full sized rhino, but their little eyes are so adorable. I have 2 diamonds, so I might get a pet next week. Who knows? A rhino or a giraffe.

Animal Jam Makes all their pets cute........... :) But according to Animal Jam guide, it says that they always make sure it reaches maximum cuteness before making it available to the world of Animal Jam and it's players. It even shows the images of Smart Bomb Interactive's old Animal Jam land concept art. I really think any avid Jammer should get their hands on these books.

This next update is the best update yet. In fact, it makes me jump out of my chair because.......... 

THE BETA DAYS ARE BACK! (in a party)

Yes, in a party.  It even has items from the old days in it. But sadly, those who have not heard may get scammed because people might start tricking people because of all the beta items that are coming back. Also, it is a good thing for me because I would like some old items for my retro collection. 

At least Jamaa made this party for jammers who really wanted the beta days back. Since AJHQ could not do that, they made this brilliant party. :) I'll post some images of it in tomorrow's post because....

 I can not go right now.

Get your thinking caps on because a new Animal is arriving in Animal Jam. I think is a.. no. I do not know. I want a pig or a zebra. And maybe a new Non Member ocean animal or land animal. 

So maybe check out the Jamaa Journal for clues.

Now for the winning entry of the Accessory Contest:

The Ribbon Scarf! I entered a dress in to the competition because I thought Animal Jam could use more dresses.....

Well, be sure to get your Scarf today for 500 gems in the Jammer Clothing Shop.
Advertisement on the animal jam guide:

It's Awesome is all I have to say.

Choose the next set of den items for Animal Jam:

I chose the ice cream parlor den. I also think the Egyptian Den is cool too! The hair parlor I would also consider. I like all of them :P 

AJHQ has made a promise to all jammers that they would make videos every day :) I love videos.

In the adventure IN TOO DEEP, animal jam has made it now available for hard mode! So get video watching and save the ocean from the phantoms in the newest adventure- this time in hard mode!

Here's the newest item in Jamaa along with the new loading screens, and the clear den button.

 The grill!

Rid your den of all your den items.

And just one of the new loading screens!

That's all for today Jammers! Jam On!

(Lol thanks Neros1234 for the signature :-) 


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