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July 8, 2014

Terrace Table + Scammers/Hackers in Jamaa

Well Hello there Jamaasians! It is me Londonpie here with the day's post. Today's new item reminds me of a table you can find in a restaurant. Speaking of restaurants, this item is great if you own one.... and if you would like a cute little table for your den. These cost 500 gems and sadly are MEMBERS ONLY.


Though Animal Jam needs money and they do donate some of it to animal causes, this item needs to be non member. When I'm in the clothes store, I click that question mark and I type:

And then I submit it.....

Daily Explorer:            

Here is the day's DE post on more creature features!

This time, it's all about Echinoderms, which are tiny little creatures that live in the ocean. According to AJHQ, Echinoderms have Radial Symmetry which means they are the same, like the spines  legs that are the same and so on. Some examples are sea stars and sea urchins. Here is the video by Tierney Thys.

Here is the daily comment question:

What have you learned from the daily video? Comment down below!

And before we end the day's post, we are going to be talking about a very serious topic that EVERYONE hates when it happens to them. It's Hacking & Scamming in Jamaa.

Hackers and Scammers:

Hackers hack into AJHQ's system and change up the home page, alter the game, and can change the name of the animals by getting into their servers. Though hacking is kind of confused with people getting into your account, that is still a form of hacking by stealing someone's password and  breaking into their Animal Jam Account. Hackers can also use software (Like a Animal Jam Membership Hacker, Item Hacker, Account hacker, etc) to hack the game and get the stuff they would like. Scamming is like stealing someone's rares. It's a lot like stealing someone's money. Here is an example of Scamming:
( Credit to )

There are many forms of Hacking and Scamming and you should never believe anyone that seems suspicious. Now, on to more hacking issues. Even though AJHQ says you can't, you can still get hacked even if you do not share your password. Here is an example of a hacker's profile.

(Credit to the Animal Jam Spirit Blog)
This hacker hacked the animal jam servers and made his name to a bad word a couple years ago. Fortunately, he is BANNED FOREVER. 

I hope all jammers stay clear from Hackers and SCAMMERS!

Jam On and be sure to leave a comment below!

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