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July 10, 2014

Rhinos Return and Jamaaliday Jam Party comes early!

Hello Jammers! Today is update day,but first lets check out today's new item! The new item for today is located in the Diamond Shop,be sure to purchase the new Horse Claw for 3 Diamonds!

Remember Jammers that in this claw you can only win Horses! Meanwhile here is the first page of this Thursday's Update!

Rhinos have returned to Jamaa! So members be sure to purchase your Rhino today! And don't forget to visit the Conservation Museum to learn some awesome facts!


Meanwhile here is the Second Page of the Jamaa Journal!

Be sure to check out the newest adventure In Too Deep! You can find this adventure in the Underwater Base Camp follow the sign of a Whale! This new adventure is great i just tried it here are a few pictures!

Meanwhile here is the Third Page of the Jamaa Journal!

Be sure to check out the newest game in the Summer Carnival,Dunk-A-Phantom! In this game you have to hit the red targets to dunk the phantoms the more phantoms you dunk the more tickets you get! There are also going to be new items in the Summer Carnival soon,so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

Meanwhile here is the Fourth Page of the Jamaa Journal!

Be sure to go around Jamaa and check out this years Hatapalooza! Last year they had lots of Rare Hat stands around the lands of Jamaa but this year all of the hats in the sold in the stores of Jamaa are 50% Off! So grab all your favorite hats before this awesome sale ends! And it seems that the Jamaaliday Party has been showing up in July! So keep your eyes peeled for this chilly party!

I managed to visits the Jamaaliday Jam Party just a few minutes ago,its just selling the usual Music and items that are sold every year!

There wasn't much in today's update but they were big updates! In other news the Flag sold in Jam Mart Clothing has only 10 Days left in the stores so be sure to grab yours today!

Don't forget to check out July Activities calendar in Jammer Central for some more Update Fun!

 To end my post for today I leave you with today's DE post! About the return of the Rhinos!

That's about it for today's post! Happy Jamming!

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  1. :'( i wanted to post but im visiting my grandma in the hospital so..


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