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July 17, 2014

Who's a Hater, and where did these skullies come from?

Hello  Jammers And before we get talk about that interesting yet odd...(Very odd) title on the day's post, we're going to talk about Skullies, Spiked Ball Tails and the new item which is a Ant Farm. First of all the new item, the Ant Farm which is in the Jam Mart Furniture store. I guess this okay if you like Ants, though I did put it my den.

The ants look like black dots so I might have to give it a low rating of:


Well why? Because I really do not like bugs, and for the looks, no, it is not a great item for that.
Well, now about skullies:

They seem to have returned to Jamaa. A couple of users have skullies.  Most likely they are generated from hacking Animal Jam, and another way for a jammer to possibly get these items are from the Forgotten Desert where you can get many rares and betas from finding the crystal shards. They are VERY, VERY RARE. And are maybe as exclusive as HORSE COINS. (Horse coins were found at the first hour of the Forgotten Desert)

Skullies were removed from AJ because they looked very wrong on Pandas. By far, these are the most cheap tail item in Jamaa History. So, that is why no one in Jamaa can get these items with out HACKING AND GENERATING. Almost nobody has these, so how could someone have traded for it, if not from the forgotten desert? Well, my friends, testing, hacking, or something else is the reason why. They... might even come back to JAMAA! Well, least likely. And same thing with the Spiked Tail item which can be found on some Jammer's tails. These items are most likely getting tested or can be found in the Forgotten Desert, since they are completely new and have never been found in the past.
(Image from Animal Jam Spirit Blog)

Anyways, it is time for the COMMENT QUESTION: What are your thoughts on the skullies slowly appearing and the Spiked Ball tail armor, which will appear in the stores most likely? Well, I think they will return in a new store like an adventure store and maybe can be used for armor. Hopefully AJHQ will make armor actually work in the game allowing us to get half the damage of a phantom when wearing armor in adventures.
Oh, well anyways, check out the new poll I put up yesterday about how much you jammers visit us on a daily basis. So far my blog has 4 votes in, Including 2 for Daily, and 1 for First Time, and 1 for I hate this blog. Honestly, who would hate this blog? Unless, of course, you chose the wrong answer.... well, here's what my motto is when thinking of Haters. Yep, there will always be haters near us. I made a meme about this, look:

Uhh.. anyways, we will be at 6,000 views tomorrow, thank god. :D let's keep those views coming in! 

That's the end for today!

Jam On, and vote on the poll.

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