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July 1, 2014

Ruby Birthstones

Hello Jammers! Today's new item is a Ruby Birthstone, which is great for anyone (Like Me :D) Who was born in July. If you like gems and shiny things, this birthstone is sold at Epic Wonders for 1,500 gems. Also, it is almost the fourth of July- and it is SUMMER! Yay, Summer! Which means it's time for the beach and for fireworks on the fourth of July!  

You can use this to complete your collection of many birthstones! I only just started my collection of these last month! Get yours today! Be sure to save up a lot of gems for these shiny rubies.

And for the day's daily explorer check out the video of Brady's daughter's school where they talk about Terrapins!! What do you know about Terrapins- watch the video below!

I wonder if Brady's daughter is in a summer school. I think she is about 7 years old, don't you think? It would be cute if we could go to visit that school and give a talk on gaming, me and my mom both. 

Before I  say goodbye to you all since I have to go to bed (I have summer camp all day so I do late posts, and I get distracted easily.) soon, let's take a look at a new thing we'll be doing every Tuesday-
Tuesday Trivia! You and me both know I have been changing a lot of things on  this blog. You may not like the changes, and before you get overwhelmed, I will do a post on our  new schedule. For the better.

Here is the T-r-i-v-i-a! 

What is group of dolphins called?

(I'm sure you can find the answer in Tierney Thys's aquarium)

Well, since that was a pretty easy question, let's see what you come up with in the comments below!

Be sure to follow our blog if you haven't already and to stay safe, play wild, and........




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