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October 30, 2013

OOOh! A witch mask.. (quite gross)..

Tomorrow's Halloween! Yip EEEEEEEEEEE I love candy :) >.> but in my area, I am supposed to have RAIN.... hey, you're never to old to trick or treat!  Okay, the new item is a witch mask. Which in my opinion, looks like a GOBLIN  .-. 

Goblin Mask~!

Hahaha! Have a HAUNTED HALLOWEEN!!! Jam On :)


October 29, 2013

Last and Final Addition to the Scorpion Armor! : the Scorpion Tail

Hey Jammers! Do you like bugs? Well, keep your hopes high! ALL the Scorpion Armor's pieces are NOW available!                                        


Ok so here's a story. This girl was like, "Drinks smoothie and  dumps on random person" then she said, "Smoothie hits Princess" (me) and I told her SHE was REALLY rude. I mean, how old IS she? 5 years old? C'mon!

Ok, XD Jam on!

October 28, 2013

Second to Last Addition to the Scorpion Armor! : The Armor!

Hiya Jammers, with the all new Scorpion Armor out, it surprisingly, has almost all  its pieces sold in Epic Wonders! And, by a matter of magic, this new piece of armor is called the Scorpion Armor itself!

In doubt... this may be last/second to last because of the scorpion tail... which, in the Jamma Journal the wolf has a tail piece with his armor.

Jam On!


Rare Item Monday: Rare Scary Elf Bracelets.....

Hey Jammers, today's RIM is Rare Elf Bracelets!Oooo... :P


Awesome! Scream out that inner warrior


October 27, 2013

New Halloween Item: Bat Mask!

Bbbb-Batman, you hear that sound when you wear the..... Bat Mask!  Now resold in Jam Mart Clothing for 200 gems.

Jam on!


October 26, 2013

New Underwater Items!

Though no one hangs out in the oceans (not much) there has been new items out!

              Superhero Cape, Airplane wings                  Horns, Super Hero Cape

Lol, have a nice jammin' day!


Did you know that Overflow is Gems x2 now? 

 Now you can earn all the gems you want!

New Addition to Scorpion Armor: Claws

Hiya jammers, with the Scorpion armor in Epic Wonders now available, jammers have fled to get some of this epic armor. Today's new peice of armor... is Scorpion Claws! :


Jammm on!

October 25, 2013

First Item Of The Scorpion Armor! : The Helmet

Many of you jammers have heard that the Scorpion Armor would come out soon in Epic Wonders. Well, now here it is!                          

The Scorpion Helmet!

Lol :3 Jam onnn



October 24, 2013

Today in Jamma..

Ok hai!! Check out this EPIC stuff today!

                      1. A new adventure!! "The Great Escape"

Awesome, huh?

                                                           2. Trick-or-treating! With Halloween soon, Jammers will LUURVE                                                                  this new feature!


                         3. The Much Loved Candy Bowl! I love this! So Happy to see it return.

NM's and MEMBERS can enjoy this!
                              4. Phantom on your head! Have a EPIC phantom on your head.. make the phantoms                                       run!

                                            5. Game Invites! Jammers CAN NOW do "Join Me!" for games!!

Ikr! Cool, and great if you wanna earn gems!
                                            6. *Last, but not least!* Scorpion Armor announced!

Niiceeee! I don't like scorpions though..
     Lol, ok, that's it. And for you arty jammers, there's a new Sketch Jam video of a phantom. 

 Jaaaaammm Onn!

October 23, 2013

New item!!!! (returned..): Scary Gazelle Horns....

Ok..... I know how much this sucks. AJ HQ BETTER stop bringing back items. Oh.. anyways.

Ouch. Pointy horns!

♥ Jam on!!

October 22, 2013

Idk XD * If I am making a new blog*

So, I have thought about it.. and I might start a new animal jam blog. Not like this one, but--errr STAY tuned. And trust me, it'll be epic!

♫ ♫ Jam on!!

Got a question?

Feel free to ask me!

Creature Mask: Be poison+ I AM FEATURED IN ART GALLERY :O (proof)

Hey, I thought I'd say heeyy to all you jammers B)

                         Check out the creature mask .-. 

Nice lipstick, bro
On the other hand.. I have better news. I am featured in Jammer Central. I have been featured for a Howl there.. but I have never been featured in a ART GALLERY...

 Ok, here's some proof


Click for le better view.) Letter

O.o Jam on!

October 21, 2013

Rare Item Monday: Rare Halo!

Be a dark angel! Today's RIM is a Rare Halo. This would make an EPIC costume! ^-^ ♫ ☼ 

Ha Ha Ha!>:D

Jam on

October 20, 2013

Pumpkin with a rat, and a Skull Costume

So, like every holiday, jamaa has ALOT of the Halloween, Christmas (etc) themed items.

Hahah! Show the inner halloween.

Covers your whole body.

                                                                         Arrrgh! Happy Halloween AJ fans :D


Weird hat: Silly Arrow

Ok, so I know this sounds kinda...strange. A Silly Arrow. And, If I'm biased, is it supposed to mean a arrow through someone's head, even though it doesn't look like it when worn?


I wish we could turn off out Trade Requests, because, well I get some pretty bad trades.... once in a while. I.I 

Jam on!!

October 19, 2013

Gross. Wierd, gross: A brain helmet and bat glasses

        So I was like :O and then the computer sneered at me. A Brain Helmet, and  Bat Glasses.

Wow. How creative.....

Batty Glasses

  Lol, nice on Animal Jam!


Jack-o-lanterns...Phantom Hat.....aaaanddd Pumpkin mask

    Okay, I am busy with school... which.. a lot of people are.  So, here are some awesome items for Halloween. All in one post

A fat phantom that fits on your head

More like, laughing Jack-o-lantern


Like, seriously dude.

This ugly

Grr! >:D

 Soooooo, that's it! Jam on ;)


October 14, 2013

Rare Item Monday: Rare Pumpkin face!

Oh, so here it is again... a Rare Pumpkin face. In a strange shade of purple, too.

Felt like wearing one of these. For members

I also have noticed AJ has gave my member diamonds on Tuesday! Have you been getting this too?

Jam on!

I would have got this earlier, but I am busy: New and ugly underwater items

Hey jammers, are you an underwater person? Well new clothes have come out to fit your style!

( Some are returning items!)

Tutu, clown hat, frankenstein bolts, skull.. and umm.. gills.

I don't like the gills... gross!

  Jam on!

October 10, 2013

Breaking news! : The new animal is a CHEETAH

Hiya jammers, as you would've heard, there was a new animal coming to jamma. And guess what, its a cheetah! :D I met one this morning before school.

It is not a game card, but sold for 10 diamonds in the diamond shop.

Who wouldn't want to get their hands on one of those? I do!

October 9, 2013

Team up with the Hockey mask!

Hi again jammers :D You can now team up with the Hockey Mask. Also Returned. I can't say but I feel like writing in the Trebuchet font! So, if you ever feel like slapping one on your face, then hop on over to the Jam Mart Clothing store!

This may complete all the Halloween stuff in the Jam mart store!
Team Up :)


So I went down the street,
with a skip and a hop,
till'  I spotted a....
6 foot cyclops! 

Mummy Mask.....

Hiya jammers! One of jamma's returned items is a Mummy Mask. AJ has returned some of these items, so they aren't that rare anymore. 

Ooooo! May the mummies get you with this CRAZAY mask.


May the mummies tickle you,

The ghosts shrivel you,

and the phantoms bewilder you!

Play wild!

October 7, 2013

The studded collar's best friend: Studded bracelet

Hiya jammers! The studded collar's companion, the Studded Bracelet! I never really liked that item, but still......


Who doesn't like this item? I changed the color on it (:p)  

Jam on is my motto!

Rare Item Monday!! Scary Bat Wings? :O

Happy me! Scary Bats for RIM? We should give a nice clap for animal jam! B-)


Jam On and wear these epic wings!

Returned: The Feather Mask in Epic Wonders...

Oh! Once again, aj has returned an item. A feather mask! These are truly epic. :D


Who wouldn't want one of these?


                                 Jaaaam On~!!

October 6, 2013

Eyeball hat! >:|

News flash: Eye ball hat has returned....

        Hiya Jammers! Sunday is my LEAST favorite day of the week. O.o Here is the "new" eyeball hat


Ok, I know that this may throw off a couple people, including me.

Jam On!

October 5, 2013

New items for, HALLOWEEN: clothes and a tombstone

Hi again jammers! Today's new items are: Monster Teeth, Vampire Mask, and Frankenstien mask.... and a Bat Tombstone.


Jam On! >.<

October 4, 2013

The World Animal Day banner has returned :/

Hiya jammers! Today, something slightly shocking, is that the world animal day banner... Has. Returned. I had one BEFORE they were in shops, so its kinda ruining rares for those who have them.

Hey! For non-members who want to show their style

Play wild!

October 3, 2013

New Items for Halloween: A Giant Phantom!

Hi jammers, and today's new item is a Giant Phantom! (made by fat phantoms, inc) XD


  Jam ON forever

October 2, 2013

Halo,Spooky Balloons, ghosts and a hint that the spooky FOREST party is coming soon!

Hiya Jammers! Spooky items all already making the move to Jam Mart  Furniture!

                                          First, we have spooky balloons

For all players!

                                                                      Ghosts! The last touch for my Haunted Library


                                                                                Now we have a halo. Show you're angelic!


New item... good for a costume..

                                                                     A hint for the haunted forest party!

To bad I have to go to school :\                                                     

                               Jam On!