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September 30, 2013

Rare Item Monday: Rare Bookcase!

Okay, jammers! Today's RIM is a Rare Bookcase. In other words, I am happy to say- this is a good one!  I need it for my Haunted Library... hehe :)

Rare Bookcase

  Jam On!


Jelly Fish Hat!

Hello again jammers. A new underwater item, that returned, a Jellyfish Hat!

Jelly! Jelly! Jelly!


Jam On Jammers!


September 29, 2013

Animal Jam's Offline! (9/29/13)

Hey jammers! Animal jam is making some updates....and, some possibilities are: Spooky Party will come out, the new animal and maybe a couple bugs being smashed! :)

Their homepage when offline

Hopefully, I'll be able to log on because sometimes my computer lets me log on when aj's offline.  

Jam ON!


September 28, 2013

Studded collar........

Hiya jammers! Todays new Diamond shop item is a Studded Collar... studded with diamonds.

    Not the best, but it could go with my costume for this halloween... ..


Oh, did you check out the new Background/header?


Item of the day: Moustache

Today's new item is a Moustache.

Oooh! XD

                                      What do you think of this item?

 Leave a comment below!

Jam On!

September 27, 2013

Animal Jam is ready for Halloween!

With all these Phantom themed parties & items, Jamma Township also has been decorated too!


I hope everyone has one too! ( Click for a better look)

Jam ON!

Two new items...

Okay, today's new items are a Wrist Watch and Spiked Mohawk:

The spiked mohawk  LOL.... watch is human-like thing too....

                Stay tuned for more updates :) 

  -Jam On :p

September 26, 2013

Updates for this week!

Hey jammers! Since October is drawing near, we have some updates jamma HQ :)
Adventure map!
Elephant banners with some facts!
Vortex party! XD! with a game with a prize....

The Haunted Mansion is for sale again! Party at the Haunted forest party too :)

Tarantulas will be available in the diamond shop soon!
NIGHT of the phantoms! The Bat is hidden there too.....
A NEW animal is going to be in jamma :DDDDDDD maybe a fish? LOL
BATS  are  back! Hidden in night of the phantom party....
The hive! A new adventure

                             Lastly, the Forest Party, which I couldn't get a picture for.

      JAM ON!

September 25, 2013

Items have made a return...... Pirate Hat and Beard

Hey, today's item is a erm..... Pirate Hat and a pirate beard.
They've returned............................ :\ Ok anways.... here they are.

Ooooh, I think I'll be a pirate for Halloween

They come in pink. :3

That's the scoop for today!
Cya jammers! ;)

September 23, 2013

Rare Item Monday: Rare Skull Hat

Hey jammers! Have you ever wanted a Skull Hat? Well now you can! Today's RIM is a Skull hat!

Cool, Huh?

September 22, 2013

New Items: Beaded Necklace for members and Non Member Eyepatch

Today's new items are the beaded necklace and the BEST non member item ever, a eyepatch!

This item was also once in the Adventures.

A eyepatch, also part of the Adventure Collection

Awesome! What do you think of these items?

September 16, 2013

Rare Item Monday: Rare Police Hat

Hey Jammers! Today's rare item moday is a RARE police hat. Making rares out of pretty much anything. Anyways, 550 gems and sold in Jam Mart Clothing.

Like it, for all players in a purple and red you can't get anywhere else?

Also, visit my Wordpress Blog: The Animal Jam Chestnutz

Jam on :)

September 12, 2013

Fall in Jamma! Plus what the 3rd birthday cake looks like

Hey jammers MORE updates.... I couldn't fit these two on the other post! I hope you guys have a nice school year/fall :3

The cake looks like Mt. Shiveer, I'll update codes soon

That only means HALLOWEEN and Thanksgiving are soon. Plus, one of jamma's treasured items,
a HEADRESS comes out at the time ;)


What......-Gasps for breath- Animal Jam, has once again butt loaded us with updates..

Animal Jam's birthday! :D Type in ajbday3 when you log in
Medical Center has returned!-in Kimbara Outback
Sketch Jam in the Art Studio in Coral Canyons
Elephants will come back soon!
Adventure shop, is now in full swing :D at adventure camp

                         Oh My god, here is the last update

The Adventure invite system

What do you think of these updates? And the cake seems purple! MMM! Gotta go jammers :3

September 11, 2013

What The? LOL! Flower Pot Hat

Heyyyyy today's most weird item is a Flower Pot Hat.

Yeah-- they were in adventures before. Here's a picture O.o
Honestly, who'd want a plump of dirt on their head :3

            I felt like it :3 "animal jam funny pics'

September 9, 2013

Rare Item Monday: Rare Royal Blanket & Funny video

Hey jammers!  Today's Rare item is a rare royal blanket.
Nice one! Remember I hinted that it was gonna be Rare Item  Monday last week?

Now, here is a funny video called What Does the Fox Say.

 Its really really funny XD trust  me.

September 8, 2013

Newest Items

The newest items today in animal jam are a Silver Chain Necklace, Gold Chain Necklace, Turquoise ring and Wind Tail Armor.

Item for all players, also was in Adventures
These were in Adventures before they came out in shops.
The Final piece of Wind Armor!
Item for everyone, this is another more high class Non Member item.

September 5, 2013

Picnic Table

New items for members only:

Picnic table! I can have a 4-H fair in my den..

I've been typing away. There is so much to do and see in jamma, so I have got a job here. Really- it isn't that hard to own a blog. Easy for me- may be hard for you. Oh well. Jam on!

New Wind Armor item- wind gauntlets!

Another bright day, here in jamma. -puts sunglasses on-  

Today's new Diamond Shop item is Wind Gaunlets.

All that is needed to complete the set is wind tail armor. I've been posting alot to keep you jammers informed,with all the tips & news you need. Scroll down until you see a button that says "Older posts" to get some old information to feed your selves with.
Yes, Happy brain ^_^

September 3, 2013

Nearly Scammed. By Valerie447.

She said she would trade a Headress and non member sword for my bow. Then she said ok trade me headress and bow now. What? She kept trading a flower for my bow, I declined and she said no steal.

                    OBVIOUSLY its a scam. I asked stop trying to scam my bow; she said "whats a scam?"

                   Ha ha, nice trick. Watch this video for a example of scamming. People lately have been asking for items. MY items.  DON'T SCAM in the near future!

The video below is an example of Dancebabydance scamming a bow! Report dancebabydance....

Don't scam though! Or ask me for items...




New wind armor peice: Wind Armor

Today's new item is Wind Armor!
The armor part of wind armor, the purple ribbon moves around like blowing leaves when worn

I made a Rares Guide called Le Rares for animal jam, and I'll post it up soon :D

September 2, 2013

Rare item monday!

Today's rare item monday is a Rare Aviator hat. I've seen this on someone's trade list, which must've hinted that it would be the rare item.   And before the nerd glasses were rare I've seen them too. O.o must mean they're from adventures! I bet the next rare item will be a rare royal blanket. -sighs- I don't have a picture of the blanket.

900 gems for members only.
I like this item.