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March 19, 2014

KIMBARA OUTBACK Journey Book CHEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some Journey Book cheats for Jamaa's newest land, Kimbara Outback. 


                                       The spider can be found on this web on the left corner of the Medical Center.

 You have to wait for the spider.

To get the Cassowary, wait next to the Windmill until you see a small bird 

To get the Lyrebird, wait next to the giant bush on the right side of the water near the waterfall.
 It might take a while. You will see a white tail feather sticking out of the bush.
On top of the roof of the Medical Center, you can see the white and black kookaburra. You must wait.

On the left side of the Windmill, you will see the Galah. You must wait.

To collect  the snake look on the rock TO THE RIGHT of the medical center and wait.

To get the Echidna, wait at the rock that is in front of the medical center.

To get the sugar glider, wait at the windmill until you see a grey animal land on it.

At the pool of water beneath the water falls wait and you can find the platypus swimming.

Wait and you can  also find the blue penguin perched on a rock on the water fall.

Last but not least, to obtain the bearded lizard go by the bridge until you see a lizard pop out and run.

If you find them all, you get a windmill for a prize.

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