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March 6, 2014

Thursday's Updates

It's Thursday. Though there are some good updates, I still think they could of done better (New shop, with dens that are sold in the Den Shop from your den). To see what I mean, keep reading...

                                                     Seahorses for ALL jammers!

These little buddies are now for all jammers!
                                                       Pandas are traveling on MARCH 20TH!
I think they need to bring back Rhinos and Giraffes. It seems like they should come back now. But they didn't. Man, better get your pandas!

                                                                            Lucky Party!

Celebrate your luck in style.
                                                                      New One! A new adventure is coming soon ;)

I am so glad the Adventure Saga is not over. And while you're at it, think about eagles and that empty eagle adventure space last time I showed updates.. there will be a bridge, luckily. Don't wanna fall in the water!
                                                                         New Lucky day items! Yipee :)   
In the Jamaa Journal, the Clover Balloons are swaying. I want that Leprechaun Tuxedo :)))))
                                                          Spring in Jamaa- I wish it was spring for me.
Look at the lovely Lucky Day design. I want spring!!!  The snow is kind of melting... but oh well.

                                                                     2 New Shops

                                    Wow, new shops! 

Royal Ridge:
Clothes racks, windows, stained glass light fixtures... OH MY.
In Deep Blue dens, there is only 2 dens. The only ones you can actually get. Pff. What a rip off. 030

Lil' BUB and Grumpy Cat.
   Jam On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  ~ londonpie aj ♣