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April 30, 2014

Sir Gilbert Tiki Statues

Hello Jammers! Today's new item is the Sir Gilbert Tiki Statue!

This grumpy looking statue can be brought in Sunken Treasures in Kani Cove! I wonder if they will sell all of the Alphas in Tiki version?

Today's Daily Explorer Post!

Congratulations to all the Jammers that got their artwork featured in today's post!

There are also two  new videos in Sarepia Theater and Brady's Theater!

Those videos sure look neat to be sure to check them out!

There is also an item on clearance the Snow Shoes sold in the Hot Cocoa Hut!

This clearance item will be posted on my Clearance Items blog later on.

Here is today's Daily Mystery!

What did this used to be before it became the adventures entrance? Was it a secret place?Comment down your thoughts and opinions!

That wraps it up for today's post! 

- Happy Jamming -

April 29, 2014

Tiki Lionfish

Hey there Jammers! Today is a rather late post, but I had TONSSSS of Homework and I just ate dinner with my family, so let's talk about today's new items and a AJHQ video. As you can see, this very grumpy looking tiki statue of Cosmo sold in Sunken Treasures looks like he needs his beauty sleep.


Like the Liza statue- this has a very grumpy facial expression. I guess it has to do with the whole Tiki theme.

And as for today's DE video- which seems to be about Tierny Thys. She focuses on why the Atlantic Ocean is overpopulated with Lionfish.

A little bit of things I noticed in Jamaa....

Where has the River Race game gone? It's today's daily mystery....

I e-mailed AJ about this when the River Race game first went away and they replied with a simple "We don't want to give any spoilers" 

I might make a blog with a petition to make AJ bring River Race back. I hope everyone signs it if I make it, because who doesn't want River Race back? I'll send the whole thing to Animal Jam BY POST. That will work if E-mail doesn't work (Hopefully). 

Happy Facts!

It's Terrific Tuesday! Here's a fact that will make you smile.

Quokkas are marsupials that live in Australia... 


That's All the scoop on AJ for today...
Jam On!

P.S- Be sure to comment below about what you think will happen with the River Race!

April 28, 2014

Returning Rare Gloves- RIM

Hello Jammers! Today's Rare Item Monday is a returning rare- a Glove. Even though these originally weren't  rare, AJ has put a rare sign on them, and raised the price to 3,000 gems.


Though the name says they only come in silver, they actually come in a variety of colors, as you can see in the picture below.

I wonder if future Rare Item Mondays will include these items of the past on other items, for example, mech helmets. And as for the strange come-back of regular rares, lets take a look at something shocking I found in AJ, a mystery.

Missing Lands. How shocking, because, possibly, one of these lands is the one of the lands that the currently traveling rhinos may discover, or any other animal that is soon to travel in the near future. 

And as for the day's DE post it's the scoop on the Rare Item Monday- the history of gloves.

I bet you were wondering the history of these gloves.... pretty cool, right?

Cat Facts!

Here are some cool facts about cats I came across on the internet and on my own:
  • Cats have a pouch on their stomach called the Primordial Pouch that protects them from their stomach being damaged.
  • Cats actually sleep 70% of their lives. Talk about cat naps!
  • Cats have over 24 muscles that control their ears, which probably makes them expert listeners.
  • Cats can't eat candy- because they can't taste sweets.

Don't you love cats? Go to the Conversation Museum and donate your gems to help Big Cats!

That's it for today!

(Like the new signature?)

April 27, 2014

Dirt Bikes and Glitchy Tigers

Hello everyone! It's the last day of the weekend. SUNDAY! NUUUUUUUUUU!! I don't like Mondays either. Okay, let's take a look at today's updates and New Items.  For today's daily item it's the Dirt Bike.


Your Number in a race is zero.

What makes me crack up is how the heck animals are going to ride this. On the Non-dirt bike my poor wittle fox couldn't reach it. Only Eagles can. Watch my very talented eagle ride a bike:


As for today's  DE post it looks like it's all about phantom armor.

The hardest adventure yet. I only have one piece of it, a amulet. That armor looks a little too small for you, sir elephant!!

And as for the things I've noticed in AJ:

Glitchy tigers!

Wow! This is C-R-AZAY! Do you know this glitch? I'm still figuring it out. 

That's all for today! Be sure to leave a comment below!

April 26, 2014

Modern Turtles

Hello Jammers,Today's new item is the Modern Shelves! 

You can buy these Glass Shelves in Jam Mart Furniture,in an array of 10 colors!

Today's Daily Explorer Post!

Click here to download.print and color a Sea Turtle,from the AJ Academy!

Also i looked at The Rise Against Hackers blog and i think there is a new hacker around because i looked up piirros and went to their den and woah!! Their then is so beta (i think they hacked)

How many Beta Mats do they have?? and the Beta Frogs and the beta robots!

Here is today's Daily Mystery!

Were these the creatures in Jamaa before the Shamans? Comment down below what you think!

Here is Fox Fact File! ( Credit to the animal jam river )


Foxes are a members-only animal, and are also the most popular member animal so far.

They where first seen in Jamaa on July 2012, when first brought, they are a reddish raspberry color with a white underbelly, and dark brownish-pink legs.

Many nonmembers wish for foxes to be for all jammers, However there's a nonmember fox glitch,  If you want to learn how, search it up on the web and there should be lots of results.

Their Shaman is currently Amelia: 

 Amelia's statue in the Mystery Emporium.

Not much is known about Amelia, but i like to imagine her being beautiful, clever, and energetic.

Here's a colored-in statue to show what she might have looked like.

 How Amelia might have looked like.

Fun Facts about Foxes!

 1. Foxes can run nearly 30 miles per hour!

2. Their hearing is very sensitive, they can even hear rodents running about underground.

3. Foxes are mainly nocturnal.

4. Foxes live 2 to 3 years, and up to 10 years or even longer in captivity.

5. Foxes usually play with their prey before killing it- just like cats.

That's about it for today Jammers!

April 25, 2014

Winged Cobras

Hello Jammers! Today's new item is the Winged Shoes! 

These peculiar shoes can be brought in Jam Mart Clothing,in an array of 9 different colors! You can look like the god's messenger with these winged shoes.

Today's Daily Explorer Post!

Watch the video below to find out why a King Cobra is called a King Cobra:

I only just noticed that you can't enter an Adventure whilst your in a shop,its very strange indeed!

Here is today's Daily Mystery!

This mystery is quite popular recently, as I had noticed that the Animal Jam River had also discussed about this on one of their posts. I wonder if this cave will one-day in the future lead to a new land? And talking about lands the Rhinos have still not returned from their travels, I wonder if they will find a new land or animal? 

That's about it for today! 

- Happy Jamming -

April 23, 2014

Epic dens & New buddy request Jam A Grams

Hello Jammers! Another post today! And it's cool news! I'm on epic dens! And there is a new Jam a Gram Buddy Request thingy.


                                                           Sooooo many people!

                                                                      Epic dens!


I'm at the top! So cool! :-)

                                       And Look! The new Jam a Gram buddy requests....

I like the new buddy requests, don't you! They are so cool. You get these if someone wants to buddy you when you are offline.

That's a news flash with pie,

Glass Shelves

What's up Jammers? Today there is a new item called the Glass Shelves, which are the same style as yesterday's new item. They are sold for  350 gems in Jam Mart Furniture.


These also come in a variety of colors.

These are pretty cheap-  cheaper than yesterday's item! But these have only two shelf sections. 

And as for today's DE Post, it's the Jammer art!

I agree with all of these pictures! Giraffes are back!

Congrats to art winners!

Jammer Moments:

I made a new blog! You should check it out: Animal Jam Daily Flash

I wanted to make another awesome AJ blog! 

That's all for today!

April 22, 2014

Earth Day!

Hey Jammers! You should check out this new item designed to be Eco Friendly, the Offset Glass Shelves!  These shelves really are green, saving your wall space, and they are also cost effective, because most items cost 500 gems, and this one is 400 gems. 

These come in a Variety of colors like gray,black,red,blue,green,purple,light brown,and hazel.

                           From your Birthstone to plushies, you can store a lot on these shelves!

                                                              Check out today's video on the DE!


I wonder where these ants live! Wouldn't it be cool to be a tiny little ant?

Check out this cool earth day fact!

1970? Wow! That's about the year your parents could have been born! The first ever Earth Day...

Wow! Have a happy, happy, earth day! Protect the Earth!

That's it for today,