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April 3, 2014

Updates for April

Hello Jammers, today is the day before Friday!  Yipee! And there are some new updates for April. Let's start with the pet eagles.

Wow! These are pretty cool pets. While I was checking out the diamond shop, you get to choose a pattern for your pet eagle!

Mystical Armor:

Only if it was for Non-Members because the way it sparkles is A-M-A-ZING. All the pieces combined is 9 diamonds. 

Spring Egg Hunt!

You can find a egg in every place in Jamaa, excluding oceans. The prize is a HUGE golden egg.

                                                                          Arcade Den!!

You can host a arcade in your den! Sounds fun to me. Found in the den department in the diamond shop.

Giraffes coming back

My guess is they will come the last week of April, sometimes AJ does a update on the last weeks of months. If not, the first week of May. Or earlier. (Giraffes left Jamaa in April)

20  den slots for members
20 den slots? That is LOTS OF DEN SPACE. A party den, house den, arcade den, diner den, YOU NAME IT! I have a arcade den not made of the new Sol Arcade den. You can stop by Londonpie's den if you would like. But sad for Non-members. I know how you feel, Non-members.

You might want to stop by The Temple Of Trivia and play because it has new Geography questions. Master world geography class!

Jam On!

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