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April 29, 2014

Tiki Lionfish

Hey there Jammers! Today is a rather late post, but I had TONSSSS of Homework and I just ate dinner with my family, so let's talk about today's new items and a AJHQ video. As you can see, this very grumpy looking tiki statue of Cosmo sold in Sunken Treasures looks like he needs his beauty sleep.


Like the Liza statue- this has a very grumpy facial expression. I guess it has to do with the whole Tiki theme.

And as for today's DE video- which seems to be about Tierny Thys. She focuses on why the Atlantic Ocean is overpopulated with Lionfish.

A little bit of things I noticed in Jamaa....

Where has the River Race game gone? It's today's daily mystery....

I e-mailed AJ about this when the River Race game first went away and they replied with a simple "We don't want to give any spoilers" 

I might make a blog with a petition to make AJ bring River Race back. I hope everyone signs it if I make it, because who doesn't want River Race back? I'll send the whole thing to Animal Jam BY POST. That will work if E-mail doesn't work (Hopefully). 

Happy Facts!

It's Terrific Tuesday! Here's a fact that will make you smile.

Quokkas are marsupials that live in Australia... 


That's All the scoop on AJ for today...
Jam On!

P.S- Be sure to comment below about what you think will happen with the River Race!

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