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April 9, 2014

Golf Facts

Hey Jammers! Today's new item is the Golf Bag! Sold in Jam Mart Furniture!

Have you noticed that AJ have been selling lots of sport items?

Today's Daily Explorer Post!

Here is just a list of all the facts from the Spring Egg Hunt!

Jamaa Township:


Mt. Shiveer:


Temple Of Zios:

Sarepia Forest:

Coral Canyons:

Crystal Sands:

Don't you think these facts are pretty awesome? I mean i never knew all these facts!

There are two new videos in Sarepia Theater and Brady's Theater!

Brady's Theater:

Sarepia Theater:

And have you challenged yourself at the National Geographic Bee? Head on over to Sol Arcade or Temple Of Zios and play Temple Of Trivia for some tricky geography questions and earn double gems!

That's about it for today jammers!!

- Happy Jamming -

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