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April 11, 2014

Tutu and Beta Days

Hey Jammers! neros1234 reporting, as today in Friday. Today has an interesting new item:

Awesome!! Now you can be a ballerina in your den. And guess what?!
That is very true. This is actually from Spring of 2012, by the way. *Sigh*. I miss old member gifts. They were so much cooler than the Diamond Shop items, plus they were free. Here are the 2 oldest cards I have on my beta account: (the first 2 cards AJ went out since September 2010, to be exact):

See? If you check on my MMGs page, (on AJP) those were from July and August 2011. I find old AJ items and stories very interesting. That's why, once a season, I enter the world of beta and look at how things were different and what items I had. I actually had the original beta den until December 2011, but then AJ took it down. It was sad. :( I loved that huge den. It had so much more space than the Small House, and the best part- EVERYBODY had it. There were no such thing as members or nonmembers, just everybody created equal. Ugh. I missed those days. Well, anyway, to wrap up this post, I have some pictures odf eggs from last year. (To go along with the Spring has Arrived! theme.)
Too late.
Now they've moved onto the Bunnies!!! Oh noes!! Tune in to AJP tomorrow to find out what happens next.

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  1. You know the ballerina dress thingy that was the new item from like 2 weeks ago the new item was the Elegant Table sold in Epic Wonders


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