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April 28, 2014

Returning Rare Gloves- RIM

Hello Jammers! Today's Rare Item Monday is a returning rare- a Glove. Even though these originally weren't  rare, AJ has put a rare sign on them, and raised the price to 3,000 gems.


Though the name says they only come in silver, they actually come in a variety of colors, as you can see in the picture below.

I wonder if future Rare Item Mondays will include these items of the past on other items, for example, mech helmets. And as for the strange come-back of regular rares, lets take a look at something shocking I found in AJ, a mystery.

Missing Lands. How shocking, because, possibly, one of these lands is the one of the lands that the currently traveling rhinos may discover, or any other animal that is soon to travel in the near future. 

And as for the day's DE post it's the scoop on the Rare Item Monday- the history of gloves.

I bet you were wondering the history of these gloves.... pretty cool, right?

Cat Facts!

Here are some cool facts about cats I came across on the internet and on my own:
  • Cats have a pouch on their stomach called the Primordial Pouch that protects them from their stomach being damaged.
  • Cats actually sleep 70% of their lives. Talk about cat naps!
  • Cats have over 24 muscles that control their ears, which probably makes them expert listeners.
  • Cats can't eat candy- because they can't taste sweets.

Don't you love cats? Go to the Conversation Museum and donate your gems to help Big Cats!

That's it for today!

(Like the new signature?)

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