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April 19, 2014

Greely's Woven Shoes: Happy Easter!

Hello Jammers! Today's New item is woven shoes. Along with these, there are the Greely Nesting Dolls which came out yesterday. These items really go together. You need some durable shoes when going in the cave to find the keys to rescue Greely in The Search For Greely.  Or, if you need some slippers.... but don't have any. Here, take a look at the two matching items...

AKA: moccasins 

What kind of hair gel does Greely use?

Hehe. And some things I noticed on You Tube and Animal Jam.

That's AN ANIMAL JAM AD? I clicked on it and it brought me to animal jam while I was on you tube! 

And, a bunny glitch!

Wow, Explorer really has a nice hat! Maybe we should ask her to enter the fashion show! A skirt hat COULD BE A NEW TREND!

An Animal Jam life lesson! 

A special note from Londonpie!

Happy Easter dudes and girls of Animal Jam!

That's it for today!




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