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April 17, 2014

Latest Updates for Animal Jam

What's up jammers? Londonpie here! I know I haven't been posting lately the past few days. Well, I was saving these updates for last! Giraffes are back here in a matter of fact, just the time I guessed they would arrive. There are a lot of different updates so stay tuned!

After what seemed like a year, giraffes are back!

Giraffes are FINALLY back. I joined AJ last April so I think it is great they returned cause of all the cool moves giraffes do!  
Check this GIF I made out.

Mystery Paws:

"WE ARE COMING" What could these be?

 A tiger,cheetah, and a bear I guess.




Do you jammers agree with me?

Animal Jam Safety & New chat feature:


I guess they made hidden safety updates.. maybe?

Check out this new chat feature!!

So you can say "Hi" or "Party My den" again with out typing, or you can do actions. Expert Fastsun is my giraffe's name. 


Hard  Mode is on ALL ADVENTURES, Including The Search for Greely

The Phantom armor is a armor won through The Search for Greely Hard Mode!

Grab your buddies and do the HARDEST adventure yet!

And it looks like eagles STILL CAN'T  DO ADVENTURES.

New Jam a Grams:

Crocs rock! Hehe. Who doesn't love crocs?

Earth Day!!

Help out the earth with your buddies! While in Jamaa, click the Earth Day Banners to learn more! Play super sort for some Green tips. Check out the banner below and click it to learn more about being green! Save this image and put it on your blog to spread the word. (Click the link) *choose image on Gadgets and insert the link.

Helping Giraffes:

Go to the Medical Center and learn more about giraffes!

AJHQ  adopts a giraffe

New items:

These fun items are all for sale in Jamaa's shops! The Helm Table and Underwater Drum set are in the ocean shop.

That's it for today!

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