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April 10, 2014

Putting Green and Costume Ideas

For today, the new item is a Putting Green just fit for your den. Animal Jam has kept with the sports theme, if you look into the shop and see for yourself. I just can't wait to see the next clothes item they come up with, do you jammers agree with me? 

When you click on the golf ball, it goes into the hole.

      And now, speaking of clothes, check this out! 

It's a costume! If there was a shark Shaman, this would be his sassy daughter Jolene. And as for the shark shaman's name, it would be Aquarius. I'll make a drawing of  him and put it on Fun Stuff.
You'll Need:

  1.     Candy Cane Crown
  2. Cape (Can be AJ cape or clover cape)
  3. Trident (Clover or normal)
  4. Necklace of some sort (Clover, sand dollar, etc.)                                                                  
    As for the Daily Explorer post, check out the Jammer Snap Winners AND News Crew contest!
Congrats to all the winners :P

News Crew:

Giraffes is the topic. Tell AJ some facts they didn't know about giraffes and why giraffes should return! Be sure to include a screen shot of animal jam and to enter your news crew to Jammer Central.

Jam On!!

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