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April 7, 2014

Rare Item Monday: Rare Big Blue Bow AND *spoiler* GIRAFFES RETURN DATE

Today's Rare Item Monday is a HUGE BIG GIANT Bow. Check it out. Maybe if you need a bow for your present. MAN THIS ARCTIC WOLF IS PRETTY SILLY. XDDDDDDDDDD He is wearing a present bow. Now, according to Animal Jam, this is a First Place Bow.


                                       BLUE Bows are the HIGHEST RANKING IN EVERYTHING POSSIBLE! If you're in 4-H something, how many blue bows have YOU won? These were commonly worn by royalty, and, to get one you have to be in 1st place. Work your hardest!!!!!!!!!! 

                                                       GIRAFFES COME BACK:


Yay! This is my educated guess on when they'll arrive!
Keep on watching!

Jam On!


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