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Hello there, jammers! Here is a list of glitches that have happened to me on Animal Jam. Send me glich pictures at . Thanks! News glitches are being added often.

This glitch happens when you change into an animal and you randomly start running in place for no reason.

This happened while I was in Deep Blue after I did the underwater animal at land party glitch.
                                            You have a clone when you go to a Land party as a underwater animal.

Trade when not trading: This happens when you trade and the trading sign appears above your animals for up to a minute!!


     The one dot in server bar glitch happens when animal jam is very slow, though it does not happen a lot.


                                         This glitch often happens when Animal Jam Lags.
This glitch only happened to me once, where all the Jammers from the base camp appeared in my adventure game.

                     This glitch is patched, but as you can see there is "#5371" for no reason what so ever.

                          Me and my friend have jester hats when we hop with our deer. This glitch is patched.
This is the same as the number glitch with the Jam A Gram I showed you. Just a normal animal at the pets only party...

This trading glitch happens when two of the items are blank. Someone could scam you with this glitch, so watch out!

 Invisible glitch: Seems to be 
happening a lot. I don't know why, because at some places I see invisible people. Edit: It is now patched. AJHQ fixed it.

These foxes are digging, and look what is happening to their wings! Weird.

And now here is a glitch that happens sometimes with the new buddy requests.

Be sure to share this page with your friends and submit your CRAZY glitches. Comment down below about what you think about these funny and confusing glitches.


  1. Replies
    1. I have no idea vwhere I thought of the "The Turkeys Fresh This Thanksgiving!" XD Thanks.

  2. Hey!!!! That Jam-a-gram with the numbers glitch is from me!!!! Cool!!!! Personally, the number glitch has never happened to me. Seriously! It's so weird because everyone else I know has experienced it.....XD

    1. It's very random. I HAVE no idea how/why that happens. Just a bug that AJ has NOT fixed. OooOOooOO
      - bye for now, Londonpie

  3. i had one time glitch that all ppl who traded with me were saw in one trade thing SAME TIME


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