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July 31, 2014

Tiki Table

Hello jammers! The new item is a tiki table which can be found in Jam Mart Furniture for club members. It is close to the Terrace Table, except it's a more beach like version! Summer isn't over yet, right? You should get yours today.


They actually come in colors. Man, I'd rather have one color >.<

Rating time:

Awesomeness: 10/10

Style: 8/10

Creativity: 10/10

Over all I think it is just  a 20/30 if you know what i mean


Congrats to all the brilliant Jammer Snap Rhinos winners. Next challenge is to create a News Crew Article (at least 200  words long with a picture) about rhinos. It's due August 10th!

That's all for today!

Jam On >.<


~ Londonpie

July 30, 2014

Heart Pillow: A short Post

Hey Jammers C: I have a bad cold and a mild headache, allergies, and a stuffed nose so I'm feeling miserable and tired right now. My mood is fine, I just feel different.... anyways, today's new item is a heart pillow.

           Sorry for the giant delay in posts. Anyways, I also made a post on the Animal Jam Bang by Mimi5000. All i really did today was watch youtube videos and TV, and I also played Animal Jam. I'm feeling sick and under the weather so hang in there for me, jammers. I also made 1 youtube video. I do realize the fact you may have wondered where I was those days. I'll tell you. I was feeling......


LAZY. Yes, Lazy.

And this post is very short for a reason. I'm going to bed soon. Here's the news!

I made a Club Penguin Blog. I still dislike Nm's get less on CP, but I still play. My blog address is:

Please visit it! <3

:Yawns: Goodnight, jammers, and here's my latest video before I go:

Hope you can sub to my youtube channel. I'm out of here!

July 23, 2014

Beta Party and A new Animal

Hey Jammers! Yesterday was my birthday and me and my parents (I do not have sisters and brothers) had a lot of fun at the Art Museum. The best part was seeing the SAMURAI. Which I enjoyed because of some of the crazy masks. They put beards and moustaches on Samurai masks. And, not all of them were used in battle. We even saw the crazy horse armor they put on their horses on display. Mostly all of their armor had Buddhist influences, such as various gods and even a helmet with a wooden hawk feather coming off the back. I wish I could share pictures of the museum with you all... but they would not show my face. So I had a great time yesterday. Infact, I got the Animal jam guide yesterday on the day it released. I think so because I live close to the Amazon distribution center. Now, let's get to the day's Animal Jam Updates in Jamaa. First off are the little rhino pets which are found in the diamond shop. I think they look a little different then the full sized rhino, but their little eyes are so adorable. I have 2 diamonds, so I might get a pet next week. Who knows? A rhino or a giraffe.

Animal Jam Makes all their pets cute........... :) But according to Animal Jam guide, it says that they always make sure it reaches maximum cuteness before making it available to the world of Animal Jam and it's players. It even shows the images of Smart Bomb Interactive's old Animal Jam land concept art. I really think any avid Jammer should get their hands on these books.

This next update is the best update yet. In fact, it makes me jump out of my chair because.......... 

THE BETA DAYS ARE BACK! (in a party)

Yes, in a party.  It even has items from the old days in it. But sadly, those who have not heard may get scammed because people might start tricking people because of all the beta items that are coming back. Also, it is a good thing for me because I would like some old items for my retro collection. 

At least Jamaa made this party for jammers who really wanted the beta days back. Since AJHQ could not do that, they made this brilliant party. :) I'll post some images of it in tomorrow's post because....

 I can not go right now.

Get your thinking caps on because a new Animal is arriving in Animal Jam. I think is a.. no. I do not know. I want a pig or a zebra. And maybe a new Non Member ocean animal or land animal. 

So maybe check out the Jamaa Journal for clues.

Now for the winning entry of the Accessory Contest:

The Ribbon Scarf! I entered a dress in to the competition because I thought Animal Jam could use more dresses.....

Well, be sure to get your Scarf today for 500 gems in the Jammer Clothing Shop.
Advertisement on the animal jam guide:

It's Awesome is all I have to say.

Choose the next set of den items for Animal Jam:

I chose the ice cream parlor den. I also think the Egyptian Den is cool too! The hair parlor I would also consider. I like all of them :P 

AJHQ has made a promise to all jammers that they would make videos every day :) I love videos.

In the adventure IN TOO DEEP, animal jam has made it now available for hard mode! So get video watching and save the ocean from the phantoms in the newest adventure- this time in hard mode!

Here's the newest item in Jamaa along with the new loading screens, and the clear den button.

 The grill!

Rid your den of all your den items.

And just one of the new loading screens!

That's all for today Jammers! Jam On!

(Lol thanks Neros1234 for the signature :-) 


July 17, 2014

Who's a Hater, and where did these skullies come from?

Hello  Jammers And before we get talk about that interesting yet odd...(Very odd) title on the day's post, we're going to talk about Skullies, Spiked Ball Tails and the new item which is a Ant Farm. First of all the new item, the Ant Farm which is in the Jam Mart Furniture store. I guess this okay if you like Ants, though I did put it my den.

The ants look like black dots so I might have to give it a low rating of:


Well why? Because I really do not like bugs, and for the looks, no, it is not a great item for that.
Well, now about skullies:

They seem to have returned to Jamaa. A couple of users have skullies.  Most likely they are generated from hacking Animal Jam, and another way for a jammer to possibly get these items are from the Forgotten Desert where you can get many rares and betas from finding the crystal shards. They are VERY, VERY RARE. And are maybe as exclusive as HORSE COINS. (Horse coins were found at the first hour of the Forgotten Desert)

Skullies were removed from AJ because they looked very wrong on Pandas. By far, these are the most cheap tail item in Jamaa History. So, that is why no one in Jamaa can get these items with out HACKING AND GENERATING. Almost nobody has these, so how could someone have traded for it, if not from the forgotten desert? Well, my friends, testing, hacking, or something else is the reason why. They... might even come back to JAMAA! Well, least likely. And same thing with the Spiked Tail item which can be found on some Jammer's tails. These items are most likely getting tested or can be found in the Forgotten Desert, since they are completely new and have never been found in the past.
(Image from Animal Jam Spirit Blog)

Anyways, it is time for the COMMENT QUESTION: What are your thoughts on the skullies slowly appearing and the Spiked Ball tail armor, which will appear in the stores most likely? Well, I think they will return in a new store like an adventure store and maybe can be used for armor. Hopefully AJHQ will make armor actually work in the game allowing us to get half the damage of a phantom when wearing armor in adventures.
Oh, well anyways, check out the new poll I put up yesterday about how much you jammers visit us on a daily basis. So far my blog has 4 votes in, Including 2 for Daily, and 1 for First Time, and 1 for I hate this blog. Honestly, who would hate this blog? Unless, of course, you chose the wrong answer.... well, here's what my motto is when thinking of Haters. Yep, there will always be haters near us. I made a meme about this, look:

Uhh.. anyways, we will be at 6,000 views tomorrow, thank god. :D let's keep those views coming in! 

That's the end for today!

Jam On, and vote on the poll.

Be sure to comment and share with your friends :-)


July 15, 2014

Pizza Hats and Crabs

Hello Jammers. Today I will be posting about the new item called a Pizza Hat which is found in the Summer Carnival for 875 tickets. You wear these when you are pretending to be a pizza, or maybe even have a PARTY. And wear this HAT. Anyways, the good news is it is for ALL MEMBERS  :D


And know here is the item on a wolf.

Nice item. What do you think?

I thought I should do item rating on this.

Here it is :P

Rating: 7/10

Reason: IT IS AWESOME. A silly item for all Members to wear.

Now before we watch today's Creature Feature, here is a little comment question.

Do you like these items? Have you gotten your pizza hat yet? Will you wear this in Jamaa?
Be sure to leave a comment below just about that.

Now like I said, here is the DE post.

Crabs choose their shells- even if they aren't shells. 
Be sure to click the link below to watch the video:

Well I have to go jammers!

Hope you have a Jam-tastic day!

Londonpie :-)

P.S- Sorry about the quality of the Umbrella hat post, I will fix that.

July 13, 2014

Umbrella Hats + Adventures

Hello Animal Jammers! Today's new item is a Umbrella Hat which is for all members and can be found in Jamaa's Summer Carnival in a variety of many vibrant and dark colors. If you want to be prepared for the rainy seasons in Jamaa, then you should probably wear this zany item... here is what I mean by zany...                                                    Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle have their very own version of these hats :P Well, what are you waiting for? Buy one of these for 1,000  tickets :DI wonder why these are not for sale. They are hats, of course.Anyways, here is a little tip about adventures from AJHQ.Do you have what it takes to save the world of Jamaa from the evil phantoms in In Too Deep? Have you tried this hard adventure yet? Comment down below and tell me if you did this hard adventure!That's All For today!

Oops sorry bout the bad quality Jammers O.O I at least made the font bolder and bigger! ~ Londonpie

July 12, 2014

Diamond Tiara

Hello Jammers! Today's new item is located in Epic Wonders,be sure to purchase the new Diamond Tiara for 1,250 Gems!

This item is perfect if you want to be a Princess in a role-play game! Meanwhile here is today's DE post all about AJ Academy - Hyenas!

Click Here to visit the AJ Academy,to check out this awesome coloring page! There is also a new video in Brady's Theater..

 Meanwhile is this meant to happen or is it a glitch?

I can climb up the tree! I thought only Eagles could sit in the tree? Maybe AJHQ changed it? Comment down what you think! Meanwhile there are many items leaving the stores today...

Be sure to purchase your Zios Fountain from the Mystery Emporium and the Phantom Shirt from Jam Mart Clothing before they leave the stores! That's about it for today's post! Happy Jamming!

July 10, 2014

Rhinos Return and Jamaaliday Jam Party comes early!

Hello Jammers! Today is update day,but first lets check out today's new item! The new item for today is located in the Diamond Shop,be sure to purchase the new Horse Claw for 3 Diamonds!

Remember Jammers that in this claw you can only win Horses! Meanwhile here is the first page of this Thursday's Update!

Rhinos have returned to Jamaa! So members be sure to purchase your Rhino today! And don't forget to visit the Conservation Museum to learn some awesome facts!


Meanwhile here is the Second Page of the Jamaa Journal!

Be sure to check out the newest adventure In Too Deep! You can find this adventure in the Underwater Base Camp follow the sign of a Whale! This new adventure is great i just tried it here are a few pictures!

Meanwhile here is the Third Page of the Jamaa Journal!

Be sure to check out the newest game in the Summer Carnival,Dunk-A-Phantom! In this game you have to hit the red targets to dunk the phantoms the more phantoms you dunk the more tickets you get! There are also going to be new items in the Summer Carnival soon,so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

Meanwhile here is the Fourth Page of the Jamaa Journal!

Be sure to go around Jamaa and check out this years Hatapalooza! Last year they had lots of Rare Hat stands around the lands of Jamaa but this year all of the hats in the sold in the stores of Jamaa are 50% Off! So grab all your favorite hats before this awesome sale ends! And it seems that the Jamaaliday Party has been showing up in July! So keep your eyes peeled for this chilly party!

I managed to visits the Jamaaliday Jam Party just a few minutes ago,its just selling the usual Music and items that are sold every year!

There wasn't much in today's update but they were big updates! In other news the Flag sold in Jam Mart Clothing has only 10 Days left in the stores so be sure to grab yours today!

Don't forget to check out July Activities calendar in Jammer Central for some more Update Fun!

 To end my post for today I leave you with today's DE post! About the return of the Rhinos!

That's about it for today's post! Happy Jamming!