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July 15, 2014

Pizza Hats and Crabs

Hello Jammers. Today I will be posting about the new item called a Pizza Hat which is found in the Summer Carnival for 875 tickets. You wear these when you are pretending to be a pizza, or maybe even have a PARTY. And wear this HAT. Anyways, the good news is it is for ALL MEMBERS  :D


And know here is the item on a wolf.

Nice item. What do you think?

I thought I should do item rating on this.

Here it is :P

Rating: 7/10

Reason: IT IS AWESOME. A silly item for all Members to wear.

Now before we watch today's Creature Feature, here is a little comment question.

Do you like these items? Have you gotten your pizza hat yet? Will you wear this in Jamaa?
Be sure to leave a comment below just about that.

Now like I said, here is the DE post.

Crabs choose their shells- even if they aren't shells. 
Be sure to click the link below to watch the video:

Well I have to go jammers!

Hope you have a Jam-tastic day!

Londonpie :-)

P.S- Sorry about the quality of the Umbrella hat post, I will fix that.


  1. Hello!!!
    I have not bought the pizza hat but I'm think of doing it......
    It would be daring to wear a pizza hat though......
    And add me nikkibiscuit if you have anymore bubby space :) I just found your website 2 days ago and LOVE it!!! My did you not post yesterday? Just wondering:) LOL
    PLZ Reply!!!

    1. Nope i didnt because I was REALLLYYYYY busy on Monday, anyways, I'll add you on AJ I have space. :P


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