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July 6, 2014

Appondale Printables and New Non Member Item

Hello Jammers! Today's odd but interesting item which I think is a remake of the Old Blanket in the Hot Cocoa Hut shop is now available for a cheap price of...... umm.... 450 gems... and in other words, not cheap. Not cheap at all. Here is a picture of today's new item, which I think is kind of expensive for a item that is not so fancy. I think you could use this for a beach towel when you go to the Heatwave party...


I dislike how Animal Jam makes less 'cool' items for Non Members that are available in the stores. Though you can be creative with your style on Animal Jam. If you want to raise awareness for animal jam Non Members, click here and raise the awareness for Non Members! :-) Anyways, as for the new papercrafts AJHQ has released be sure to check out the website Small For Big and print out the paper so you can do the activity when you are offline or bored. 

Here is the link so you can print them out and enjoy them!

And for the day's DE post you might want to read if you want to know more about crystals, here it is!

And the moment you've been waiting for! *Drumroll*


It's SARGER001

This Jammer might be my buddy, but Sarger001 is one heck of a Jammer. I am nominating Sarger because of the realization she made when she joined Jamaa. I call it a change of heart, which warmed my heart when I found out he/she liked Animal Jam  while on Sarger's youtube channel. I thought she didn't, but she did. And this  might be weird, but it's hard to change something on a game. And she is kind. And has a epic CHANNEL!!! I was shocked she buddied me because I am not very well-known, but I know it's her who deserves the day's shout out for being: A SUPER JAMMER WHO REALIZES WHEN HER BELIEFS ARE WRONG, AND CHANGES THEM. WITH LOTS OF THOUGHT. That's why i thought SHE deserved today's nomination. 

And before we go, here is the calender and when I think the long lost Rhinos will return:

On Thursday, July 10th, I think the Rhinos will return. So keep on reading because the cute rhinos and more updates might be coming out soon! Also.. it's my birthday July 22! I will be holding a party on July 21st and you might be invited! Comment down below if you would like to be invited to the awesome birthday party of Londonpie! Cake and more! (I also might be a NM so trade in gifts or just send them and on my birthday i might open them since I might get a membership).

That's all for today! Be sure to watch for those rhinos and get your very own quilted blanket today!

Jam ON!

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  1. I'll come 2 your bday london! :D


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