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July 3, 2014

Freedom Knight Helmets

Hello Jammers! Today's new item is Freedom Knight Helmets. These ARE EPIC FREEDOM DAY ITEMS FOR NONMEMBERS! Especially if you want to guard the freedom party from massive giant poptart cats XD. You can purchase this item for 550 gems at the freedom party. I'm pretty sure they will release some more armor pieces that are Non Member, if not Member.


(Credit to the Animal Jam Explorer Lodge)

I'm wishing everyone a Happy Freedom Day! I might not be posting on freedom day because I will be off my family.  Here is today's Daily Explorer post about the lucky winners who won the Jammer Snap contest for trying to fit in all 25 animals! 

And be sure to enter the News Crew Competition to intverview other jammers about their favorite world cup and if they will make it into the finals on TV.

Here are some awesome music videos by Owl City.



  Good Night And Happy freedom Day Jammers!



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