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November 29, 2013

New Item! + News Crew December 2013

Hi Jammers! Today's new item is a Snowball Pile. It is a great way to have winter fun!

I wonder when we'll get snow in Jamaa!?

                                 The News Crew for December 2013:

                                            Since there was to picture for this news crew, I made one myself!


Since the Jamaalidays are soon, to do a News Crew for this month....

You must find out what your friends would like to see for Jamaaliday gifts. Articles should be turned in by Dec. 8th. The Rules are very simple:
Nothing over 250 words long, Innappropriate, and that doesn't have a screenshot can not be accepted for the news crew. 

November 27, 2013

New Holiday Items: Candle Ornament, and Striped Scarf!

Have you wondered when AJ would make winter items? Well, now your'e going to be happy! For those winter-chilly fun items, we have a den item, and a clothes item.                                                  
                                                            Candle Ornament:

Nice den item for your walls- until the Christmas Tree comes out!

                                                                      Striped Scarf:

This is a nice member version of the Jamaaliday Scarf.

           I hope your Thanksgiving is nice! ;) [ and if you don't celabrate Thanksgiving, I hope you have a good Thursday! ]

November 25, 2013

Rare Item Monday: Rare Faerie Wings!

Woo! Winter weather is in the air. (at least were I am!) Today is Monday, and that can only mean one thing: Rare Item Monday! I'm not too fond of this week's RIM. A rare version of Faerie Wings.

That's a strange outfit there, Mr. Horse.

Jam On!

November 24, 2013

New Item: Fruit Bowl!

Hi people of Jamma! Today's new item is a returning Fruit Bowl.

Jam on with this EPIC item!

November 23, 2013

1,000 views, yay! Contest

Hey yo jammers! Since I have 1000 views I am going to have a contest  ^.^
(Click full screen)

Watch the video  to find out more!

Comment below to answer my question, and leave your user name. Or comment on you tube and do the same. JAM ON!

Happy Thanksgiving :-)

November 21, 2013

The Week Before Thanksgiving: Updates, and Daily Items

Every one in a while, animal jam updates..... alot of them, infact! Now animal jam has done this again- check all these cool features out!

                                        Ice Armor:

Ice armor comes with  ALL aj game cards!

                                                                             Be your pet party! :

You can now be your pet- at this EPIC new party!

                                                                               New animal revealed:

Haha! The new animal is a deer..
                                                                         New "Jump" app:

This game may be like the aj mini game sky high
                                                                             Gifts for Jammaalidays (soon!) :

Yay! Aweshum! Happy holidays everyone..

                                                                                New and jam-tastic items! :
                                                                                Turkey Hat:

I am turkey! Gobble gobble..

                                                   Underwater Goggles:                  
Cool!  I am a mad scientist.. MWAAAAHAHAHHA (XD)

Jam On! Oo..P.S, jammers! I have 999 page views- near my goal! If I reach 1000... I will post a contest in favor of this on You tube! Keeeep Jammin' 


November 20, 2013

New Item: Sapphire Ring

It only comes once in a while when animal jam creates and sells a Epic Wonders item. They are beyond anyone's imagination, they are epic.......  epic wonders.

Screenshot is not working for me very well. UGGh...

Jam On! :D

November 19, 2013

Things to announce and new items

Hey Jammers, today is a bright Tuesday ( dark night! ) and we have some new items.. and a special announcement! (heheh)

                                                             Today's new item is a Pencil Table.

Could work for a school work table!

And, that special announcement you jammers were hoping for-
I am going to upload all of my screen-casts to You tube! With a new account. Please don't think someone is copying me with this new account. Maybe not all of my videos. :P Edit: I am using my regular account. TaylorAJLondonpie

Jam On!

November 18, 2013

The things I've realized..... 869 page views, and about 1 week until Thanksgiving.

So, when you are feeling like you have lots of thoughts and need to just type them out, it helps to clear your mind. I always have had a dream about being famous on blogger.... and I feel like I have made that dream come true. With 861 page views. And, if I reach 1000 who knows.... I might throw a party- or make a video with a whole bunch of friends. I never cared about  rares- just having a blog... makes me already feel rare. I have good memories in life, when I wrote my first story (not my first) with no things the teacher edited. She laughed.... couldn't keep my pride away. I also  have had a dream to travel the world, in which alot of people do. When you imagine it still being September- you open your eyes and your'e in a world of November. Just this week until Thanksgiving. The reason why I am saying this, is because I love Thanksgiving.. because, the holidays start! And when December starts... you'll know what and how I feel. Family, friends, Great-Uncle... my only great uncle I believe! And it's okay to gasp when you hear this- Christmas Eve is on a Tuesday, in the 4th week of December. I can't wait! It's a good idea to get a blog at this time, because trust me- you'll have alot of fun decorating it for the holidays! (before the 4th week, of course!)

                                   It's the holiday season, (the holiday season).... I feel singing.

When you have joy, you can sing. I never did this to complain...... it's like Dumbledore putting thoughts into the pensive- because he's sorting out his feelings. Have a nice day,




Rare Item Monday: Rare Old Hood

Hey Jammers, I love when animal jam makes items for NM'S, cause they don't get good stuff- unless it's rare. But, The Old Hood is UGLY (hehe, could work for a fashion show theme) That's what they do. You gotta pay... for more features in play. If you play Club Penguin, then animal jam is the best-more for NM's on AJ.

Recently AJ has changed the RIM photo to a penguin-they made a mistake. This panda is wearing a Non-rare hood, and I am glad I got this screen shot. The penguin looks like pixels.

Jam On!

November 17, 2013

New Item: Acorn Tea Set

Hey jammers, today's brand new jam-tasticly awesome cool item...
 is...................... Acorn Tea Set!

                                           If you LOVE  to throw parties with friends, you'll LOVE this!


Jam On!

November 14, 2013

New Items: Seaweed Boa and Rope Cape

Hi jammers, today's items are.....


Seaweed Boa & Rope Cape!

Jam on :)

November 13, 2013

New Item: Mushroom Chair

Hi jammers! Today's new item is a Mushroom chair. Hey... have you wondered why AJ hasn't come out with many clothes? Eh. Must be preparing for a BIG UPDATE  so, keep your eyes peeled!


But, maybe this hints for AJ 2014! Ooo.... I am ready to find and SNATCH THAT INFO. "Snatch that info!" XD. Jam On!

November 11, 2013

Rare Item Monday: Rare Unicorn Horn!

Hey jammers, as you know every Monday a rare item comes out in the store.

      Well, today's rare item is a Rare Unicorn Horn:


The first snow has gone on in my State! :)

GTG, jammers! See ya later!

Jam On!

November 10, 2013

The Daily Items: Mushroom Table, Pilgrim Hat... and the Underwater Starfish Glasses

Hallo Jammers of  Jamma! (I like to spell Jamaa like that XD) We have 3 new items today. The Mushroom Table, Pilgrim Hat.. and the Underwater Starfish Glasses.

                                                        The Mushroom Table:


This would go GREAT in a Mushroom Hut den.

                                                                          Starfish Glasses:

Did you know that Starfish are not fish?

                                                                            Pilgrim Hat:


Maybe you'll find the Mayflower.. when you wear this hat!

Jam On! :D



November 9, 2013

New Item: Leaf Pile!

Hiya jammers! Do you know what the leaf said to the other leaf? "You suck the leaf out of me!" LOL.

Today's new item is a leaf pile:


OOoh, XD

Jam On!!

November 8, 2013

New Item: A Leaf Rug!

Hi jammers! I already feel the holiday spirit! Today's new item is a Maple Leaf  Rug!


Jam On! :-)

November 7, 2013

Jamma's updates for November!

Hey jammers! Since the holidays are SOON, we have some new updates and New Items in jamma!

Jamma Township is decorated for Thanksgiving!

The mushroom hut is for sale in the Den Shop! Yay!

EVERY game in AJ is  gem x2! 

AJ has made Meet Cosmo for all players!

Today's new item is Fancy Shoes!

A NEW animal is coming to Jamma! I think its a Deer, Goat, Or Moose.

Lol! That's alot of updates. There IS NO Halloween items so, they are becoming rarer!

Jam On!


November 4, 2013

Rare Item Monday: Rare Shark Tooth Necklace

As you know, every Monday a new rare item is sold in the world of Jamma. Well, today's rare item is a Rare Shark Tooth  Necklace for you under the sea jammers. 

Cool. Lol! I feel the  need to underline! 

Jam On~!

November 3, 2013

The Topaz Birthstone!

For those of you who have a November Birthday, your'e bound to L.O.V.E this orange topaz stone.


Great! Lol, I am a Ruby birthstone for July.

Jam On!

New Item: Antlers

Yo jammers! Today's new item is Antlers. Another resold item in Jam Mart Clothing.

Sold for  250 gems

Jam On!

P.S. What are you thankful for? Answer in a comment below!



November 2, 2013

New Item: Faerie wings

Hey Jammers! How do you like my new template for AJCS? It is Thanksgiving themed. :)

Today's new item is Faerie Wings. Uggh, I hate Halloween. AJ is still decorated for it  .-.


And, costume items are still being sold.

Anyways, Jam On!

November 1, 2013

Haha! The Hop On Diamond in diamond shop myth.. FAKE! & New Nessie Mask. aaandddd.. getting blamed for no REASON!

  So, those of you who have heard of the myth of hopping on diamonds in the Diamond Shop for free diamonds, well, now that myth is confirmed A FAKE. (And me getting blamed for being a scammer..)

I never believed in that myth- dow says "down"

                                                               Here is the new Nessie Mask: 

Ahh yes, my Lochness. 

                                                Here is the one who supposedly blamed me for scamming her "Headdress"

Report her. SHE'S the scammer, and WHAT? I traded a Beta gecko for meh headdress =_= ( does sound like an over

Jam On!