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November 1, 2013

Haha! The Hop On Diamond in diamond shop myth.. FAKE! & New Nessie Mask. aaandddd.. getting blamed for no REASON!

  So, those of you who have heard of the myth of hopping on diamonds in the Diamond Shop for free diamonds, well, now that myth is confirmed A FAKE. (And me getting blamed for being a scammer..)

I never believed in that myth- dow says "down"

                                                               Here is the new Nessie Mask: 

Ahh yes, my Lochness. 

                                                Here is the one who supposedly blamed me for scamming her "Headdress"

Report her. SHE'S the scammer, and WHAT? I traded a Beta gecko for meh headdress =_= ( does sound like an over

Jam On!

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