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November 18, 2013

The things I've realized..... 869 page views, and about 1 week until Thanksgiving.

So, when you are feeling like you have lots of thoughts and need to just type them out, it helps to clear your mind. I always have had a dream about being famous on blogger.... and I feel like I have made that dream come true. With 861 page views. And, if I reach 1000 who knows.... I might throw a party- or make a video with a whole bunch of friends. I never cared about  rares- just having a blog... makes me already feel rare. I have good memories in life, when I wrote my first story (not my first) with no things the teacher edited. She laughed.... couldn't keep my pride away. I also  have had a dream to travel the world, in which alot of people do. When you imagine it still being September- you open your eyes and your'e in a world of November. Just this week until Thanksgiving. The reason why I am saying this, is because I love Thanksgiving.. because, the holidays start! And when December starts... you'll know what and how I feel. Family, friends, Great-Uncle... my only great uncle I believe! And it's okay to gasp when you hear this- Christmas Eve is on a Tuesday, in the 4th week of December. I can't wait! It's a good idea to get a blog at this time, because trust me- you'll have alot of fun decorating it for the holidays! (before the 4th week, of course!)

                                   It's the holiday season, (the holiday season).... I feel singing.

When you have joy, you can sing. I never did this to complain...... it's like Dumbledore putting thoughts into the pensive- because he's sorting out his feelings. Have a nice day,





  1. YAY THANKSGIVING'S ALMOST HERE!!!! I'M SO EXITED!!!! And WOW!! Look at your pageviews NOW!!! From 869 to 988 in 2 days!! That's progress!!!


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