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July 5, 2015

Animal Jam Blogging.

It seems like EVERYBODY's starting to loose interest in AJ blogging...
My friend Snowypaw,
My friend Mimi5000,
and me.
But I'm coming back. So is my friend Mimi, she came back with Animal Jam Newspaper. I certainly recommend it, check it out here.
I would like it if Snowy made a return on her blog (posted more often), the Animal Jam Frost.*(I keep linking blogs so I can help my friends). If you could give her a kind word of encouragement, that would mean a lot! Give her a comment, promote her blog, or follow her on social media! (links on her blog). I've been starting to play Animal Jam more recently, if you may have noticed. The only problem is that I am suspended until Tuesday or Monday... so I am playing on my backup, LondonpieBackup.
As for me, I am making another post today, and possibly a new video  on my channel! Except my editor expired.........  if you want my youtube expect less before my birthday on July 22 (I am getting a new Laptop).

If you live in the U.S, hope you had a great fourth of July yesterday!!

Jam On!

(thanks for OVER 9,000 VIEWS)

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