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July 5, 2015

The day after Independence Day!

Hey Jammers! I made my promise posting TWICE  today, and I am! First off, the reason for the title is not only that yesterday was American Independence Day, and well, I happen to live in America, and that was a celebration for me! All I saw was a firework show, nothing big. Apart from yesterday, today there is a loose amount of updates that I couldn't come up with a specific title for, as Animal Jam has failed to release any items at all in Jam Mart Clothing/Furniture.
            The first update is the addition of the Llamas, a week ago.

Unfortunately, I am suspended until (hopefully) tomorrow, so I can not get one :( 
Plus, I don't have 10 diamonds, I have 8! When I get 10, I believe I will name my llama Fauna Clevergirl. *sigh* I got suspended from a false report :\

The second update is about a new store, releasing Topiary bushes  in Sarepia Forest! Yay! I thought they were gone for good when they left the Museum Shop in Appondale.

I wish there was one for Non Members, because I could buy it on my backup account! (The one I have been using the past few days.) I think they should start adding the newer Animals.

And last but not least, sold in Epic Wonders..........

The majestic RUBY BIRTHSTONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Geez, that's expensive. I could afford it on my main, but still, that's expensive. I need to get one because my birthday is in July....

Well, anyway, have some great Jamming this evening, and remember to JAM ON! See you next time :)

(Also- any fans wanting to buddy me may do so, and feel free to send in questions by Jam a Gram, on my ask page, or ask me to meet you somewhere in Jamaa and we can chat!)

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