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December 2, 2014

Elf Hats and Day 2 of the Jamaalidays!

Hi guys. Today there is 1 new item and like always, a Christmas gift. The new item is a Jolly elf hat, while the daily gift is a secret....... SHHHH! Don't spoil it. On AJ, this new gift isn't going to run away as fast as it can- it will surely stay put strung up on it's string on the wall. Can you guess? Let's take a look at the new item first and then the gift will be revealed by Mira. Look at this Jolly old elf hat and think about all the fun you could have dancing around with your friends.


But apparently when anything with ears sticking out wears this it has two sets of ears! So I recommend wearing this with a penguin or seal/otter instead of a wolf, arctic wolf or any other animal with it's ears sticking out. They look great on penguins. Anyway, they are only 200 gems so they are not a waste of your gems entirely. 

Here's a little sneak peek at the cute little comic on the DE! You should really go check it out.

Comment time: Without going to the DE, what do you predict will happen next after Cosmo's reindeer are ready? (don't spoil it for others if you already have seen this). It's almost time for the Jamaaliday gift to be revealed.... but, we have some very important news which can also be found on today's daily explorer post!

You can enter yourself into the contest to have your animal featured in the AJ comic!
Here's how:
(copied from

1. Draw your best JAMAALIDAY themed picture. It can include your favorite gifts, clothing, or items, that celebrate the Jamaalidays!!!

2.  Submit your drawings to JAMMER CENTRAL located in JAMAA TOWNSHIP

Two simple steps! To learn more, click here.

Alright! It is now that time you've all been waiting for!
Drum roll please!

It's a Gingerbread Garland!

Here's what it looks like in my den!!

I tried to fit it in.... but it looks like it's a bit too big for my den space. I make it work though!

Jam On Jammers!


December 1, 2014

Happy Jamaalidays! - Day 1

Howdy, Jammers! Londonpie is back online :) and today, it was the first day of the Jamaalidays and every jammer who logged on got a gift. There are also some new items popping up in the shop, so also take a look there! I also hope you like the changes I made to the blog for the holidays. I couldn't find a file size small enough for blogger until I found the Arctic Wolf background as I was google  searching for images. Thank you Neros1234 for posting.
                                            On the first day of Jamaalidays, Mira gave to me.. a Christmas gift shaped hedge....
Merry early Christmas!

                   And a bird inside a den!!

                  I had some issues with that last line, oops! 0.0 
       Well, anyway here are some of the items popping up around Jamaa, like the old gifts from Christmas past in the diamond shop.

Sadly,  I don't have any diamonds or a AJ membership. I am thankful for what I have, though. I could just hope I get lucky on the daily spin.
                                 Also, check out the new winter items in the Jam mart clothing store.

Also, these are for members. They are from last year, which I hope AJ would make them for all members.

Jam on! And happy Jamaalidays!!