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December 1, 2014

Happy Jamaalidays! - Day 1

Howdy, Jammers! Londonpie is back online :) and today, it was the first day of the Jamaalidays and every jammer who logged on got a gift. There are also some new items popping up in the shop, so also take a look there! I also hope you like the changes I made to the blog for the holidays. I couldn't find a file size small enough for blogger until I found the Arctic Wolf background as I was google  searching for images. Thank you Neros1234 for posting.
                                            On the first day of Jamaalidays, Mira gave to me.. a Christmas gift shaped hedge....
Merry early Christmas!

                   And a bird inside a den!!

                  I had some issues with that last line, oops! 0.0 
       Well, anyway here are some of the items popping up around Jamaa, like the old gifts from Christmas past in the diamond shop.

Sadly,  I don't have any diamonds or a AJ membership. I am thankful for what I have, though. I could just hope I get lucky on the daily spin.
                                 Also, check out the new winter items in the Jam mart clothing store.

Also, these are for members. They are from last year, which I hope AJ would make them for all members.

Jam on! And happy Jamaalidays!!

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