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November 26, 2014

Semi-new items!

Hey jammers! Neros1234 here. I hope you have been enjoying AJCS without me! Yeah, I know, most of you will be like "Who?" I am a contributor to this blog that hasn't contributed to this blog since MAY...I'm such a bad person. Here are all the new items that you missed!

Nice!! Salon and autumn themes. Those don't really go together, but all right! In other news, POLAR BEARS have come to Jamaa!! They're so cute!
They can go underwater, too! ZOOM!!! Okay, that's probably not what they do but whatever! And guess what! If you redeem a gift card before the end of the year, you get A CUTENESS OVERLOAD!! GAAAHHHH!!
Tell your parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles/guardians? to get you a gift card for Christmas (if you celebrate it) because pet polar bears are just TOO CUTE!!! That seems to be all that's new for right now. Oh! And all gloves in the Diamond Shop are half off for a short time! Too bad they're not nonmember for a limited time. All right, bye!


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