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November 21, 2013

The Week Before Thanksgiving: Updates, and Daily Items

Every one in a while, animal jam updates..... alot of them, infact! Now animal jam has done this again- check all these cool features out!

                                        Ice Armor:

Ice armor comes with  ALL aj game cards!

                                                                             Be your pet party! :

You can now be your pet- at this EPIC new party!

                                                                               New animal revealed:

Haha! The new animal is a deer..
                                                                         New "Jump" app:

This game may be like the aj mini game sky high
                                                                             Gifts for Jammaalidays (soon!) :

Yay! Aweshum! Happy holidays everyone..

                                                                                New and jam-tastic items! :
                                                                                Turkey Hat:

I am turkey! Gobble gobble..

                                                   Underwater Goggles:                  
Cool!  I am a mad scientist.. MWAAAAHAHAHHA (XD)

Jam On! Oo..P.S, jammers! I have 999 page views- near my goal! If I reach 1000... I will post a contest in favor of this on You tube! Keeeep Jammin' 



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